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  1. Kind of a dumb question/comment....this will only work if you can watch during his time zone, right?
  2. Are the Media Day videos viewable from iPhones or iPads? I can't watch them but can all the other vids (HG interviews). :-(
  3. I don't get it. What is so "Have Not" about the Have Not room? It seems like a walk in tha park compared to BBUS!
  4. My heart goes out to Ian. He hasn't a mean bone in his body. If he says something even mildly mean, he immediately retracts it and feels bad. I would bet that he wins fan fave, and I hope he does, and keeps the money for himself instead of giving to his parents, since he's said that they don't support him going on the show. I do hope he is making them proud (well, except for the streaking! lol).
  5. I like her so far. I just wish she would change her clothes.
  6. I got this from Bing Maps today. I just thought it was interesting because it must be very recent. It shows a Q/A Competion set up in the backyard.
  7. I cant believe that Britney is forcing him to go on a "date" tonigbt with Ashley. I feel bad for him. He seems to be easily pushed around by people.
  8. Am I crazy or did i see another bedroom during the premier that had a bird cage theme? I dont see the room anymore. Maybe it was a disguise to hide the have not room? Speaking of the have not room, what do you all think of this year's version? I think the beds may be the worst yet. They are narrow, curved and people must sleep atban incline. Not to mention the sleeping surface. Ouch!
  9. It doesnt look like BBLite is working. All i get is last season too. Anyone know if it will be working anytime soon?
  10. OMG! I couldn't even watch that bacon video for more than 30 seconds. He stomped on every last nerve in my body. I hope he tones it down in the house. If not, his cooking better be darn good to save him!
  11. Where are they all going to sleep? I doesn't seem like there are enough beds/bedrooms in the house.
  12. I'm so glad Big Brother is back. I really don't religiously watch or care much about any other reality TV show. I'm also glad that everyone is still here at Morty's TV. This is the only forum I like because the other ones tend to be really mean spirited and post gross pics, photo chops etc. I'm not a prude, I just like Morty's becuase people here seem to be more fair minded, but at the same time, everyone is free to express their opinions about the house guests. Morty's just has a more positive vibe. Let the other forums do what they do. Morty's is the only form I have a membership with. Been coming back here for 8 seasons now. Glad to be back!
  13. She kept saying in her Superpass interview how she "loved suprises" and twists, so if this rumor is true, I would be surprised.
  14. He and Ashley will hook up. He will go behind her back and screw her over.
  15. She seems really full of herself. Over confident. I don't know why everyone is calling her "Kalia 2". I see no resemblance at all, except that she is African America. I think i will like her if she doesn't talk too much about herself. All i'm hearing in her interview is "I, I, I, I,". She's loud. I WANT to like her, but am not sure.

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