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    Am bummed, but hopefully Adam will realize that Natalie is organizing the girls against the guys. There is no better time than to get rid of one of the girls (aka Natalie).
  2. Natalie doesn't vote tonight unless if a tie. This is why she has urged Adam and Ryan to vote together so there is no tie and she can continue to look good in James eyes by saying, "I tried to tell them to vote to keep Josh!". The ultimate question is, if Josh goes home, will he see through her BS? If James wins, he probably will WANT to put Sheila up, but if Ryan goes against what he promised to do (keeping Josh), then he will definitely nominate Ryan if he wins HOH. I give Ryan 1 hour after the competition to be up in James' ass giving him the 411 regarding how Natalie instructed them to vote and asking for an alliance after they get rid of Natalie. Sheila still can't win an HOH because if she does, it ruins her standing as too weak to win. She may say she's trying, but do you really think she is? I don't think so. Adam will be lucky if Ryan throws Natalie under the bus, because the will save his hiney. And finally, the only block time that Natalie had was when Matt was in the house and they were a "couple". She hasn't had to be up there all alone yet. I do think she would be able to win POV if she was on the block though.
  3. I'm not sure I would put Sheila into the good game category. Mediocre game is okay, but she's getting caught playing both sides and thats never good. Ryan is actually more in the good game category due to his ability to somehow miraculously not look like a huge threat against James and Natalie. The boy has muscles stacked on muscles and he is actually rather intelligent. Personally, I think he's probably the strongest player who is NOT playing hard in the house. I still prefer James to win because he's been trying sooo hard against so many obstacles. I would actually love James and Natalie to battle through the Final 3 after witnessing the fight on the disco ball. Natalie will be making a huge mistake if she does not try to get Ryan out. I don't think Adam is really that strong, though he has some modicum of intelligence. Josh is gone, so I don't really factor him in. No matter how much I would PREFER for him to stay over Sharon (he's just so much more fun to watch... good tv!), I just don't think there is any way to save himself.
  4. BigMD, I am in complete agreement with you. Sometimes when the mirror is lifted up to your face and you realize that you've made mistakes and those mistakes come back on you is hard to take, even for someone who is much older than he is. He's now realized that this game is not just hard for others, but has seen it firsthand. He's tried to make it up to Natalie, but he has now seen that sometimes no matter what you do, others are not as willing to forgive. I personally think that he has the chance to win the whole shebang if he takes out the strong players (he's really GOT to win HOH tonight). He won the POV because he used his brain. He didn't need to intimidate anybody to win. He had 5 people playing against him with the sole purpose of eliminating him from the game and still he came out ahead. I don't think Sheila or Ryan threw the game. James folded as long as it was necessary and virtually announced when he was staying in the race. Ryan saw Sheila's numbers closer to James, so he folded to let her eliminate James, but it didn't work, because Sheila in her stupidity thought that she would survive longer by doing what James had done by folding. Her gameplay the entire time has been to NOT win (no matter what she says). James saw Ryan sweating and figured out that he was not confident and took advantage of that. Even though I am gaining a new appreciation for Natalie's game play (believe me, it pains me to admit that because she irritates the hell out of me), I am still going to pull for James to win.
  5. I do find it kind of funny that someone who is a fan of Daniele's thinks that James is a crybaby and just feeling sorry for them. Its not faaaaiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... Let's face it, life in that house brings out the worst in everyone. Seeing as how Daniele cried when things didn't go her way and she still made it to the F2... Woohooooooooo!! Go James!!
  6. I said before that everytime Natalie proclaimed that GOD would not allow James to stay in the game and that THIS was his week to go that I would jump up and dance everytime he won POV to prove her wrong. WOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I also cried when James cried. When Josh cried, I cracked up because that was fake. James crying when no one could see him was not fake, nor was it a ploy for sympathy from the house. He didn't use his tears to try to garner support or sympathy from everyone who is against him. On the other hand, those that know my postings, know that I can't stand Natalie and her BS. Unfortunately, I have to concede that this last week has garnered a smidgen of respect from me for her game play. I don't like nutty Natty, but at least she is seriously playing the game unlike many of the others who are just letting the others pick each other off. Still can't stand that bitch Sheila. I don't respect her game play at all.
  7. The fact of the matter is that if Natalie were smart (very big IF), she would have gone with the alliance with James. The moment James is gone, she is the big target AND she can't be HOH next week. She is so full of her own self-importance that she feels like she is the only one who deserves to win and therefore, she will. The more she talks, the more Ryan and Adam are going to totally distance themselves from her. Sheila is only using her so she will stay safe longer. The moment it is convenient, Sheila will turn on Nat too (as we've already seen Sheila kissing up to James just in case he wins POV). Truth be told, other than checking in to see who wins POV, I am not really interested in watching the Bratty Four coo over their supposed goodness, listening to Sheila and Natalie jabber on about how its pre-ordained that they will win, blah blah blah. Self-righteous BS if you ask me. Just wait till Nat finds out that everything Chelsia told her was true regarding Matt. If Nat wasn't bragging all the time and acting like a spoiled brat, I would feel badly for her. Because she delights in the misery of others, I just truly don't care if she likes it or not. Matt definitely needs to get a restraining order against her and fast.
  8. I doubt Natalie would win this contest. She's not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to evaluating other people.
  9. The thing about Jameka though is that I really believe that Jameka had faith. Sure, she messed up from time to time, but she TRIED to walk the walk. Even after she lost her temper with Evil Dick, she ended up asking for forgiveness for losing her temper. She actually did pray for her enemies. And even though I do not believe God intervenes in a reality show that takes lying to win, Jameka was pretty straight forward from day 1. With what Marty said (it definitely makes sense to me), it is becoming clear to me that Nat's rants about God helping her to win are not a whole lot more than trying to prove to Matty how worthy she is to be with him. She's changing to please him. You could say that she changed to please the house in the early days, however... given her lack of knowledge of what constitutes adultery, the ten commandments, etc., I'm guessing her early days are more who Natalie actually is.
  10. Pretty sure I stated that I acknowledge that I'm a bit wicked earlier. I'm not the one professing to be good. Besides, my husband likes me just a little bit evil. Hehehe. Cheer on Natalie if you so wish... Just know that she irritates the heck out of me and I just simply do not like her. So everytime she states that God will make sure James does not win the next POV, I'm going to be jumping for joy when he does. Maybe one day Natalie will realize that perhaps God doesn't participate in the Big Brother game?
  11. Thats the point though. I don't care for the judgement that SHE is passing on others with calling them evil and proclaiming herself good. Their faith is between them and God and she is trying to pass judgement on them. THIS more than anything is what I have a problem with. I can handle people being "sinners". But if you're going to talk the talk, then walk the walk.
  12. Yes, she really did give him a BJ. Ryan was in the room and heard the sucking sound with her head being under the covers. He's told others that its true because he was there. The only one in denial is Nutty Natty.
  13. For all those who are saying the whole thing about He who is without sin, cast the first stone, etc.... Perhaps Natalie needs to look up the definition of who the father of lies is. Anyone? Anyone? Could it be SATAN??? So as she lies about giving Matt a BJ, she's paying homage to the evil one himself. Not to mention any lies said during gameplay. Then, as she sits there condemning Chels and James for being evil and plots their demise... lets talk about Loving your enemy. Is she loving her enemy as she talks about them behind their backs and judges their actions as evil? How about judge not, lest you be judged? There's another one. Maybe she needs to read the New Testament again. And here is a doozy... If you do not forgive others, your Father in heaven will not forgive you. So as she exits the Big Brother house, how about all of her friends and family who are here and witnessing this actually tell her about these extraordinary lessons she needs to learn, because if she is touting herself to being a Christian, she is a horrible example of one. You could say that I am judging her. Yeah, I am. But I'm also not touting myself to be some great good non-evil person. I'm wicked and I like it that way too. And by the way... Chelsia was not coveting her bunny. Coveting is wanting it for herself. If she'd wanted it for herself, she would have eaten it or stolen it. Not smashed it into pieces.
  14. I'm guessing they didn't show the entire luxury competition.
  15. Yes, she did seem to know about this. At the same time, she said that breaking a chocolate easter bunny (that has nothing to do with the resurrection) and easter eggs (again, nothing to do with Christ as the whole bunny and egg thing are purely paganistic in virtue) is apparently a Commandment that Chelsia broke. 1. You shall have no other gods besides Me. 2. You shall not make for yourself an idol 3. You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain 4. Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy. 5. Honor your father and your mother 6. You shall not murder. 7. You shall not commit adultery. 8. You shall not steal. 9. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor. 10. You shall not covet your neighbor's house 11. Thou shalt not destroy thy neighbor's Easter eggs or anything chocolate (Chocolate is SACRED!!) Oh wait... thats 11 commandments. But then again, our alphabet does have 27 letters, so this makes sense. (In Natalie's mind)
  16. Okay, so she lies about giving Matt a BJ, but Chel is the sinner. She strips for the house and rubs her breasts, participates in a group orgy kissing session, yet Chel is evil. She says she likes pot, but then says she doesn't do drugs? Huh? Last year, Amber and Jameka both thought praying to God that good wins over evil would win them the game and now its basically the same ol same ol coming from someone who seems to be as doped up as Amber was, with about the same or less amount of brain cells. I'm sorry, but the more I see of Natalie, the more I cannot stand her. Whoever wins the money, please put some aside to buy Natalie a clue!!
  17. I have to admit, me and my husband are cracking up about Chelsia's gameplay as well. Sure enough, there is Natalie trying to persuade the guys to put Josh up instead of Sharon. Why? Because Matt already kissed Sharon too and Nat does not want Sharon alone in the sequester house with Matt either. LOL What is sad, is that Ryan (I still like him, but he needs to tell Nat the truth) is allowing Nat to believe that Matt likes her when Ryan knows that when Chelsia said that Matt doesn't like Nat, it was true.
  18. Francis 3, Yeah, Adam is still floating a little bit, but at least he won a HOH. At least he isn't trying to be a suave player. He just picks his nose, scratches his... well... and plays with... well... yeah... He is who he is. He's rude, but at least he's not pretending to be perfect. He's not my favorite, but I don't bear him ill will either.
  19. Its a hilarious and ingenious plan when you think about it. I don't think Chelsia is really into Matt, but it will probably work. Chelsia is obviously using her brain.
  20. I have to wonder... which is worse? Chelsia offering to give up BJ's for votes, no evidence of actual BJ's given. Very likely she gave one to James who she genuinely cares for and who genuinely cares for her; or..... Natalie giving up a BJ to a man (we know this is true) who told her over and over again that he didn't like her that way, but had also no problem using her in that way. Natalie chasing after him and Matt lying while he was actually kissing on another girl just because she was in a position of power that week?? No offense, but I'll take Chelsia's honest sluttiness over Natalie's righteous (and hypocritical) indignation any day. As for Sheila, she lies to Adam that its just fake anger towards him, when we know she's torn him up and down in the DR and genuinely hates him. She's lied and gossips behind peoples backs OFTEN and uses her son as a ploy to gain sympathy.
  21. I'm pretty sure that none of James fans will have a problem with his behavior. I've always been more fond of people who are up in your face kind of people rather than those who are high and mighty and believe themselves to be better than others yet do almost the same things as the people they judge. I'm pretty sure that the judging is supposed to be done by God. I don't mind lying in the context of the game. Its part of the game. So far, I like Adam, Ryan, James, Chelsia, Sharon, and Josh. I do not like Natalie or Sheila. I liked Matt because he played the game and was trying to work behind the scenes. Even if he failed to see where he was also lying and manipulating others (What did I do to deserve this?? Duh.)he was playing hard and I can appreciate that. Even though Josh is borderline with his ranting and tantrums, I do understand that its him trying to mimick gameplay by Dick and being in a pressure cooker of that house. But he is borderline. I don't have a problem with the "sex", but I do have a problem with Natalie's hypocrisy of claiming godliness and being good with her actions.
  22. James is growing in my estimation to be a fierce competitor. He's definitely growing on me. He is who he is and doesn't apologize for it. At least James tells them to their face that he's coming after those who f**ked him over. Sheila just lies, is a hypocrite, backstabs, thinks she's better than everybody and whines and cries when she's up on the block. Personally, I want Sheila gone. I don't think Adam has the guts to do it though. Other than that, Natalie can go as well. I heard enough of "God wants the good people to win" crap last year. I wonder what she is basing her premise on. She's stripped, given Matt BJ's (outside the confines of marriage... I'm pretty sure Christians are pretty into marriage being first) and conveniently lies just like the rest of them do. I have to wonder if she is going to pick a "magic ping pong ball" too. Win it all James!!!
  23. Am grateful that Amy girl went home. She hurt my ears. Didn't care much for Joanne either. Even though I think there were another one or two girls who did worse than her, she didn't stand out for me, wasn't my favorite; therefore, I am okay with her going home. I don't care the order people go home in, as long as my favs stay around. Not surprised at all that Garrett went home. He was boring. The guy who sang Moon River should have gone home though. He needs to look in the mirror before performing so he realizes how his face is when he's TRYING (and failing) to look charismatic. Not to say that the guy who did go home wasn't horribly boring and blah, but still... the Moon River guy annoyed me. I think Amanda is an acquired taste. I happen to like her singing. Her sound is what makes her unique. She could get rid of the skunk strip at the front of her head though. Its distracting. Give the girl some conditioner, stop frizzing her hair, and maybe we could have a great rock glam artist here. I think most of the other girls were boring and safe. Most of them sang slow songs and I almost fell asleep. The guys at least took some risks and sang some fun songs. I liked Michael Johns, David Archuleto(sp?), the dreadlock dude, and the Cook guy. I just wish that Cook guy hadn't picked up the microphone stand. I'm sick of the whole "look at me, I'm a rocker so I'm going to pick up this microphone stand to prove it" business.

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