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  1. floaters are & will always be a part of the BB game. the game itself causes some people to have to float in order to survive. i can live with the floaters. i don't like the couples or group things that forces people to allign with people that they don't want to group with. bottom line is the cast. if you have a good cast then you have a good show. This was the "season of Liars"
  2. i wasn't a big ED fan but i would love to see him take on this bunch...bb11-nat-ronnie-chima-jessie-lydia...bb10 libra-jerry & whoever else.
  3. well it says america's FAVORITE hg so i didn't consider gameplay...i voted Mich. i think jeff will win it though. the ratings dropped from a 2.5 w/jeff to a 1.8 w/o jeff... some of that drop could be from nat taking power too but jeff looks like the one to beat.
  4. good point...i'm just hoping michelle stays but looks like she's gone.
  5. Everyon have a great & safe Labor Day! whats going on in this game? in kev's DR's he sounds like he's ready to turn on nat & it seems he's trying to find out where mich stands but then he runs to nat & tells her everything. seems most people think nat will dump kev at final 3 if she can but in her DR's she claims kev is her #1.
  6. i've never seen a whole season of BB played in the other countries, i have a couple of dvd's that show a hour or so from 4 different places (uk-aust-germany i think-sweden or denmark) i watched a live stream from aussie that lasted a couple of weeks, then they started charging for it. it was really hard to follow & know what was going on.
  7. i wish BB had their own channel & was on 24/7/365! lol didn't the UK or aust. BB have something like that at one time?
  8. good points! i agree about jessie...i think his whole plan was to put R/L/C/N on the jury so he would have the votes. that's why he fought to keep ronnnie, if it had the next week (jury members) he would have cared less about losing him.
  9. one of the things i respect about the bb game & the players is when someone comes up with an "original style of play", something out of the norm...i think of bb-2 will, bb8-ED, & now bb-11 nat (maybe bb-10 dan to a certain extent) i don't care for nat & i hope she gets evicted at F-3 but i do give her credit for what she's done to get where she is.
  10. i wasn't a ED fan but my money would go on him vs nat.
  11. Jordan....coz the BB gods are gonna wake up & say WTF is going on here!
  12. well said uvp... won't the finale be 1st hour show then 2nd hour reunion? maybe they will show DR's & the stuff said behind backs & we will have a big fight to end the season!
  13. i don't like them but i will give them credit for what they've done. kevin studied hard & it payed off for him. congrats on your 195 pts last week in the pred. challenge! that was amazing! this has been a weird BB this year, really good at times & really bad at other times. but i still love the game & still say no such thing as a bad BB just some better than others! good luck in the pred. challenge the rest of the year Misha.
  14. very horrible! i got that sick feeling jeff was talking about having if one of them won.
  15. major bummer! go jordan, your all we have left.
  16. me too! seems like the whole season is riding on this veto.
  17. in a game where the beautiful people often turn ugly, jordan has maintained her beauty & sweetness.
  18. ^^^ i agree...just got to get thru today comp w/ a m/j win..
  19. i hope your right but kevin has spent a lot of study time on this & with michelle's memory.....i'm as nervous a a long tail cat in a room full of rocking chairs!
  20. to the BB gods....(please remember what chicken george said when he voted in BB7....out of respect to the BB game & all the players that have played the BB game) please let Mich or Jor win the POV!
  21. good to hear! i'm from semo, 30 miles south of cape.
  22. don't leave us....we all got to stick together against "the daughter of satan!" give it a couple of days & regroup. (it only took me 10 hours) i always love reading your posts & as i do all the other great posters on this board. you guys have such great insight into the game & so much passion as well. that's why i think Mortys is the best! well,now its getting a little bit corny...maybe i still need a few more hours to re-group!! lol
  23. i'll keep coming here & i'll keep watching BB to the bitter end. to me there's no such thing as a bad BB, just some better than others. i still got jordan & michelle to root for & would love to see nat evicted at final 3.
  24. if only......thanks LenRay!

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