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  1. Welcome Casey!! you had a lot of people here pulling for you. hope to see you on the next BB all-stars!
  2. got a few of them like that this season. i've had to re-watch the 1st 2 shows to make sure some of these people are really in the game.
  3. no love for Liz? i think she has a chance to go far. just don't PO russell!!
  4. i agree about eric's blogs, he did a great job...here's julie's final blog. http://popwatch.ew.com/2009/09/17/julie-ch...nd-signing-off/
  5. "worst BB houseguest of all time"? another good read.... http://www.bsideblog.com/2009/09/question-...sses-who-is.php
  6. BB8's Eric & his thoughts on the season...good read. http://www.realitywanted.com/newsitem/2427...other-11-finale
  7. it was a strange season with many highs & lows. you went from "not gonna watch anymore" to "can't wait to see what happens next". a great finale show & a good season overall. this season had some moments that BB fans will always remember. CONGRATS to JORDAN! i give nat credit for her game, but she cut her own throat with her actions & lies. jordan may not of outwitted or ouplayed everyone but she outlasted & she won at crunch time when it counted the most. i got the post BB blues today so on to survivor, a st louis cardinal world series, & the "BIG BLUE" winning # 8!
  8. i feel sad for kevin...a tough night for him.
  9. Great Final!! CONGRATS TO JORDAN!!! a good season! surprised at jessie's vote. feel bad for kevin. thanks to MORTYS & all the people! sad its over.... on to Survivor!!
  10. Thanks george!!! i used the spreadsheet a lot for the pred. challenge. many thanks for the time & work you put in it!!
  11. Good Luck tonite Jordan!! hope she wins part 3!
  12. LMAO funny stuff LenRay/Shipp! been a long time since i saw that movie, perfect part for her!
  13. hope this is ok to post. from jokers by mockingbird.... What the Future Holds for the HG's of Big Brother 11. 1. Ronnie: Ronnie
  14. i hope she wins the money too...she got some money from the P.BOX twist, did she win anything else?
  15. i like the new format. it's gonna help this season out a lot. tonite will be the 1st BBAD i've watched in awhile. i like that we will see the jury questions live also. i love that kev & nat have to sweat for a few days too!
  16. kev & nat are re-thinking the votes now that they know america is voting. they think jordan has jeff, mich, & amer. nat commented she wouldn't vote for whoever evicted her so kev may be forced to take nat if he wins part 3. jordan may have to win part 3 now to make it to final 2. one good thing, kev will be a wreck by tues!
  17. i think thats one of the reasons they changed the format...kev is more likely to take jordan if nat will have no time in the jury house.
  18. i hope tomorrows wake-up music is Queen's "under pressure"! thanks for that photo cap jammer....love it!
  19. me too!! i'm so glad she won & won big...i'm so happy for jordan, this has to make her feel so much better!! how hard do you think BB was pulling for jordan tonite? Way to go jordan!! bring it home now!
  20. WAY TO GO JORDAN!!! that has to be a big boost to her...kev & nat can sweat a few days now!
  21. well now we know it's a lie.... my tv sch. shows thurs- final hoh & HG evicted sun- highlight show tues- final maybe they made changes to try to keep ratings up...
  22. Thanks for the heads-up Yana...that will be fun to see.

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