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  1. So far, I've been looking if someone has posted Big Brother Canada on You Tube. I haven't been able to find this yet. I hope in the future someone will be able to post this like they did for Season 1.


    i watched the 1st episode on youtube this morning but a few hours later it was gone. same thing happened last night with a couple of short videos with show footage in them. i guess big brother is watching!

  2. this is the part of the game that i didn't know if i would like. hgs are not allowed to talk about noms with each other, so it takes away the conspiring with each other. the nom ceremony was great! all the hg go into a room and 1 by 1 step into a sound proof glass box and have 5 pts to nom 2 hg. (3 pts joe, 2 pts bill) and the reasons why. if you don't give good reasons, you could find yourself nommed.

    bb has a sense of humor but is very strict, which i really like. its been a really entertaining show so far.

  3. A good first week. Some really funny stuff. I like the cast so far, no major drama yet but I'm sure it's coming. I'm still don't know how everything works or what you need to do to play the game but I'll learn as the show goes on. I gotta say, production does a great job with the show.

  4. I'd like to see Amanda go on the block just to see her go ballistic. I think she has been feeling pretty comfortable this whole time and needs to know how it feels to be sitting on the block.

    i would love to see demanda on the block too. especially if howard is on block. and howard wins pov.

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