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  1. you remind me of some one else...just don't know why.....I feel like you maybe post under more than one name....;) :wink:

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    I'm kinda of confused about some of the other posts, maybe it's a joke that I don't get or something. Sorry With Taylor she has been shown repetitively doing AND saying a lot garbage because that is the way she TRULY is in real life. Sofia is one of the more mature girls that has demonstrated mature leadership consistently. Just because she gets frustrated and makes a SINGLE mistake, that doesn't mean they have show her saying FU on prime time TV. I believe she somehow upset the guys who make the show, and this is how they are getting back at her. I don't know what she might have done to make them dislike her so much that they decided show her saying the F word on TV, but she must have really got them very PO'ed. She probably stood her ground and refused to do some things that were wrong for kids to be doing; they couldn't fire her and send her home because she stood up to them, so showing her saying FU on TV with millions of people watching is their way of getting revenge. Showing Taylor making mistake after mistake after mistake is one things because that is who she is; a very nasty girl who is doesn't like to work and considers herself better than others, but it is very different to show a mature girl like Sofia saying the F word on TV because she is one of the good leaders, not one of the nasty ones. I think she should be on the council.
  3. I personally hope that they do wait until July, it just a summer show.
  4. Never cared for him much, but thought he and Dr Will made a good team. All superhereos need a side kick!
  5. Man oh man I loved ED. I would expect the during casting, they will be looking for yet another volitile personality.
  6. Jena Malone Natalie Portman.
  7. I had no idea Doogie was gay! He has a girlfriend on Doogie Houser MD.
  8. Yeah, they're false friends. Most of the girls will see through her sooner or later because she is so shallow.
  9. Necron99


    I just want to say that I'm PO'ed that the producers showed that footage where Sofia was cussing at the kid. Sofia is one of the best kids there, so making her look that bad was totally uncalled for. Up till now she's been very impressive, so there was no need to select one bad moment just to make her look like she is a total bitch. Sofia is one of the best kids there so there is no need for them to suddenly go out of their way to make her look bad. I wonder if she did or said something, or maybe refused to do something, so they made her look bad as a way to punish her. She won a Gold Star for god's sakes!!!
  10. Like most here in this forum, I don't like her one bit. What's too like? They probably are showing her best side and from the very beginning she was complaining and whinning. No body likes a girl who complains and whines as much as she does. Can anybody name a single quality about her that is remotely worth while? Saying she can cry on cue doesn't count nor that she hasn't yet been seen phyically attacking other kids.
  11. I can only imagine that the demographics for this show has to be 98% women. Then maybe not, it is kinda a male fantasy to have a bunch of bimbos wanting to sleep you
  12. Here is what I don't understand about what James did. Why didn't he bring the idol to tribal council? I suppose maybe he did, but we didn't know it. If he didn't bring it, it show a serious error in judgement that if he repeats, next time he's a goner. Not suggesting he's not smart enough figure out that he needs to bring it from now on, just having such horrible judgement will cost any player the game before he or she reaches the end.
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    I love this movie. Went to see it 3 times at the theater, and of course have the DVD. I love movies like this.
  14. This is great news. Not too sure if having a bunch of former hollywood stars is a good idea of they decide to do that.
  15. What the hell happened? I thought they were going to punish Taylor Trash or chase her out of town. I am so frustrated that nothing like that happened. Not only that, they made her look well behaved and seem like a regular girl. Talked about biased editing. They are making he look good intentionally. I bet by the end they will edit her so she looks like a hard worker and even nice to other people. I bet they are trying to make us think that not all beauty princesses are Spoiled Rats, well we have already seen how much a spoiled rat she really is.
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