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  1. It is so funny that everyone is trying so hard to guess the pairs when we are not going to be in the dark about the pairs. We are being told tonight. What I don't get though, if Janelle and Ashlea are a team why did she go along with wanting to put up Ashlea? April is supposedly Jenn's aunt (step mom on some boards) Maggie is supposedly engaged to one of Eric's co-workers who is a really close friend of his. (PS a non family member WOULD think to do the touching of the neck thing for the kids if they really care~I would do it for my best friend's kids)
  2. How could anyone even begin to think that Janelle is a man?? Come on!!!
  3. It is really good, so unlike what I expected. I guess I was expecting it to be like American and Canadian Idol but NO WAY, it was a thousand times better. They are all really good, even the ones who aren't as good as the best ones (if that makes sense) top that off with Dave Navarro and INXS, I am in musical ecstasy at the moment. The rocker girls are really blowing me away and they all get up and not only sing but dance like rockers do and they are just totally phenomenal. I was worried there that Dana was going to make it because of Suzi forgetting the words to her song and that guy going ov
  4. April is listed as a negative cutter on IMDB lol not really acting. And Janelle, it was all over the news and stuff about what she did before.
  5. The HOH room is for HOH hence the name the HOH room. Makes sense to me. Jenn purposely UNLOCKED the door prior so that she could get in whenever she wanted. All other houseguests have their own bathroom to use there was no need for her to be in the HOH room. NO it is NOT Rachel's room for the duration of the show, BUT it is her room as long as she is HOH. If she locks the room when she leaves then no one should be going in there.
  6. The TV Guide Insider interview between Ethan Alter and K & J is a couple of weeks old, but still heartening to read. Here's an excerpt: TVGO: You were easily the most popular team, largely because of your positivity. Watching the show, did you ever think, "Geez, shouldn't we have yelled at each other just once?" Kris: [laughs] We just really don't do that. It's just not part of our personality, I guess. Jon: We've always enjoyed each other's company, and we really just loved being there and having the opportunity to enjoy this experience. I ran the race with my best friend and you can't as
  7. They were my favorite team of all TARs, heck they are my most favorite reality show couple in all of reality show history. They should've won.
  8. 2 years ago she was 4 so that makes her only 6 now. I remember reading an article about all the rumors about him and he said he wouldn't do that to her because she was only 5 and then I read that there was an age limit for the kids.
  9. 'Little House's' Doc Baker dead Kevin Hagen, veteran of Westerns, was 77 Tuesday, July 12, 2005; Posted: 3:38 p.m. EDT (19:38 GMT) GRANTS PASS, Oregon (AP) -- Veteran television character actor Kevin Hagen, who left behind a string of Western bad guy roles to become the kindly Doc Baker in "Little House on the Prairie," died Saturday. He was 77. Hagen died at his home a year after being diagnosed with esophageal cancer, said his wife, Jan. Hagen's first movie part was in the 1958 Disney film "The Light in the Forest," but he credited his role in the 1965 film "Shenandoah" with starting him on
  10. I was going to ask the same thing. I liked Michael right away too and then I seen all these pictures and captions about Michael crossing the line. I would rather have someone touch my face then hear all the stuff you just said that Howie says. What exactly happened? I didn't read anything about what happened just the pictures of Jen being upset and Maggie and Eric talking about it.
  11. Oh well, Julie will be confirming the pairs on tv on Thursday so it really doesn't matter who is and who isn't. Looking forward to Thursday's show to see what will happen.

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