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  1. me too. i would like to see Mike give it to him good. or the rest of the houseguests. Eric has been compared to Boston Rob (my opinion on that is in the section about it) and I would like to state that the other houseguests are like Rob's tribe mates. They are the ones following everything he says and going by what he wants. Eric will win it because they are doing his bidding.
  2. I don't get the live feeds, but they showed on tv the time the two were laying in the hammock and her boob fell out and she was just laying there enjoying everything. And she was always hugging all the guys.
  3. someone mentioned that they may have polled the houseguests and were assured michael would be gone so they gave eric a second chance. WELL Michael deserves a second chance, he is only going to be gone because of Eric's manipulations and lies.
  4. I just watched the video that someone posted (thank you for that by the way) and Eric clearly states at the beginning to Kaysar to listen to what Ivette has to say and then says "with what's about to go down, if I were you, I would stay clear" so this was a premeditated thing, along with all of the stuff i have read that eric and ivette have been doing and saying all week. So to all the Michael haters, just stop hating for a moment and see and hear what is actually happening. I don't get live feeds and I could tell what type of person Eric was just from what I seen.
  5. I can. You cannot attack someone for staring. Don't believe me. Next time someone stares at you beat them up and then tell it to the judge and see what happens. But anyway, what has Michael said about Eric's family? I am reading and i see alot of live feed viewers defending Michael, so I'd like to know what was said.
  6. Why would they call Michael to the DR room and not eric?
  7. I don't have live feeds but from the things I have read and what I see on tv I agree with you. I like Maggie, I haven't witnesed or heard of her being two faced or a back stabber. I like Howie from what I have seen and Rachel really likes him, so I for now will ignore comments I have heard about him. I also like Michael and Kaysar, but like or dislike the rest of them, the one good thing I can say about ALL of the houseguests is that they are staying true to their real friends and relationships. (mind you winning that prize at the end might be a good enough incentive to do so lol)
  8. This is straight from www.cbs.com HOH BLOGS Week 1 Rachel Being HoH this week has been a lot of fun, although I've missed a lot of that initial bonding being the first HoH with my room upstairs, isolated from everyone. That's why I've been sharing the HoH room. It's the best way for everyone to get to know me and hopfully like me. I think I am well like by the other houseguests at this point. Even though they see me as a tough competitor, not willing to give up the fist HOH competition and the way I fought to win the POV. I don't think the other houseguests are on to Howie and I and I hope
  9. SIX degrees of Seperation. The game was that you could connect every actor/actress ever to Kevin Bacon in six degrees or less.
  10. She is a waitress but that doesn't mean she never appeared in a movie before. I have read all of the stuff on her and she was in a movie. Janelle Nautical Angels Underwater Show Janelle: The Adventure Seeker Bigfoot Entertainment's new travel show features three beautiful seafaring hosts who travel through Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe and South America via an Italian luxury yacht. The Nautical Angels guide us through marine, historical and cultural sites in various port towns for unforgettable journeys that unite Mother Earth with three heavenly creatures. With each episode, the Angel
  11. OH YEAH, and Rachel and Howie, it's all over the board that they barely knew each other yet they are really good friends that just haven't seen each other in three years.
  12. I don't have live feed, but I know from what I saw last night, as SOON as they found out the Beau and Ivette knew each other, they figured everyone must know each other and they were ALL able to guess the pairs IMMEDIATLY!! So they didn';t do a good job hiding it from everyone else either. But yeah, I can see what you mean about talking strategy on live feed although................everyone talks strategy every year. The one best kept secret though was how April and Jenn knew each other. I heard everything ranging from aunt, to god mother, to step mother. NEVER sorority sisters lol
  13. LOL overly female look. you all crack me up.
  14. Actually I think that DID happen last season. And the winner of the Veto IS safe as is the person they choose to use the veto on.
  15. No problem. They were the best couple ever!!! I hope they have a happy life together.
  16. *bangs head on table* I don';t know what he did or didn't do I notice everyone has something to say about Michael's inappropriate touching on the show but how about Beau's? The way he laid on top of Kaysar and man handled him. I couldn';t believe it.
  17. I agree. They are the ones that are on the chopping block so why not be the only ones competing to save themselves.
  18. If her kids look like her watch out!! She's almost too hot!!
  19. I don't want either of them to go tonight, Ashlea doesn't seem like she is a bad person and neither does Kaysar. I would've rather seen Jenn go home.
  20. NONE of them are doing a good job if you all already know lol
  21. Actually i wasn't talking about a soap, i was talking about an actress and yes it was the woman who played Kristen, she played on Y&R for many many years before Days and this rumor started like back in the early 80s
  22. Well there is supposed to be a computer in the house. And computers CAN be monitored. Parental controls people. If we can restrict sites for our kids then so can CBS for the houseguests. And as for the Q & A I read, quite possible that all questions were read and edited by producers before being forwarded on. Everyone is sooooooo quick to jump on the rumor band wagons without thinking things through. IT may BE Michael, then again, it may be a friend and everything is all pre planned. The shaving, the words to say on live feed, everything. We will never ever really know for sure bec
  23. LOL funny how rumors can start. YEARS ago there was a rumor that a certain soap opera actress was a man, and no matter what that rumor went around for two decades. The day she physically gave birth to a baby was the day those rumors FINALLY stopped.

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