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  1. www.cbs.com go to show and then voting history. Kaysar voted for Janelle to be evicted.
  2. yeah i read that this morning. I was thinking WTF!!! I couldn't believe that. We all watched, he may have ate SOME of MIke's but I seen Mike eating the sandwiches too.
  3. you don't have a someone else choice lol many threads that I have read think that there will be a surprise tomorrow night and they will be safe.
  4. You get points for every show. If you got none for last night it is because your team members didn't get anything last night. I got 60 for Eric for Sat and none last night. ALSO allow them time, it WAS JUST last night remember. lol As for points for Howie kissing, did you check the breakdown of JUST your points or the breakdown of points for each houseguest? There is a difference. It will show you the scores of every HG up to date but that doesn't mean anything for your own score. I found mine are right so.
  5. here here!!! i have been saying since the night it aired that Beau's sexual harrassment was worse.
  6. Probably because there was NO way he was going to until Mike and Janelle both dominated and then went back for a second chance to dominate again. (i mean in the food comp lol)
  7. Michael stared Eric down earlier because when he glanced at Eric once Eric went on his usual power trip, so he kept staring SAME thing I would do. And out at the pool he DID NOT stare Eric down, Eric kept watching him until the second Mike glanced at him then he went all power tripping again. PLUS Eric has no proof anything at all was said about his family. He didn't confront him, he accused him. If someone came and said, blah blah said nasty things, I would go RIGHT there RIGHT away and start yelling to find out what was said and why. Not wait until a better time and then accuse someone
  8. I was lucky here in Canada as my channel 22 was outed over the president, but channel 11 showed the whole thing. BUT I was NOT expecting to have to remember who was in the DR first. The first ten minutes was mostly spent showing what happened on Sat's episode.
  9. I read somewhere that there was a reasoning WHY they are all soooooooo young. I can't remember the article at the moment, but if i ever find it i will post it here.
  10. The problem is, he IS in charge. Notice how James DIDN"T use the POV as it would be in his best interest. I vote for Rachel or Howie as well. Here's hoping. And drag Jenn with them even though I don't like her, I dislike her less then the rest of Eric's minions.
  11. correct Eric didn't throw the chair, but Ivette and Eric started the heated discussion before Michael came out. All Michael did was look at Eric and Eric blew. I thought it was funny that Michael call Eric a midget and had a little penis!! That just made Eric even more angry!! Correct princess. Eric kept glancing over at Michael the whole time he was mouthing to Kaysar about something going down and the one second Michael glanced over at him he blew.
  12. I LOVE this show. They are all phenomenal talents. I just hope that Deanna doesn't get sent home due to helping Tara out.
  13. OMG this is toooooooooo much lol it would be soooooooo funny. :rofl
  14. Like I said maybe like sports stadiums that have domes that open and shut. They don't want to destroy everything or have mud everywhere. it makes sense to me.
  15. IMBD is the most accurate guide to who's who and who's in what. This is what it says for her: Janelle Perzina IMDbPro Professional Details Actress - filmography Bruce Almighty (2003) .... Woman at Party The link was already posted, but it doesn't mention the other movies which could be because her scenes were cut IF she was in them, it wasn't cut from Bruce Almighty.
  16. hahahahahahahahahaha Well I am 34 and I like Mike. We all like Mike because we SEE what's happening and we know manners and respect over the crap Eric, Ivette and April throw out. Anyway, Janelle has become my fave along with Kaysar, I still love Mike, but like you all say, he is probably leaving. So lets hope that he slams that door in Eric's face on his way out along with stirring the pot.
  17. remind me NOT to read the boards between sat and tues. I HATE knowing who has POV before seeing the show
  18. ok just wondering. They probably have something like what the sky dome has for when it rains, a roof that closes over.
  19. lol love the pictures!!! For the first one, I love the caption with it.
  20. didn't it rain when Lisa, Jason and Danielle of season 3 were competing for the final HOH? They were in the pool in dingys or something and they were holding onto something in the middle. So long ago but something i thought i could remember.
  21. Rachel has one. On the cbs website. It's posted on this forum under HOH Blogs.
  22. Thank you I thought so too. Only problem with your idea dietekocgirl is if it is to get rid of Eric he needs to be the just in case one. Remember last season? They put Jase up to out him and he won POV. No they cannot make the same mistake. Eric must be the one they put up when the POV HG takes themself off the block.
  23. LMFAO are you kidding me??!!!! He really said that? OMG. I hope Janelle wins HOH and I hope he comes to her with an alliance and I hope she says yes and then puts up two of his mates (April and Ivette) and then lets one of them win POV so that she can put up Eric instead LOL

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