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  1. Wacky Iraqi is not racist. Is he Iraqi? That was like everyone saying Latin Chick was racist. Brown Bomber, was racist. Wacky Iraqi isnt. Mental Midget is just as insulting. But you didn't claim Eric's names as being insulting, you said they were part of game play. I don't agree. Why can't people play the game and watch the game WITHOUT calling someone names. I don't like any of the names that Kaysar was called in this thread BUT I do not say that is rude, and then insult someone else in the exact same post.
  2. Remember I am a Kaysar fan and Eric hater.................................. But you are saying it is WRONG to call someone wacky iraqi but it's okay to call someone a mental midget??? Is that right? If Kaysar is insulted it's racism, if Eric is insulted it's gameplay? Gee, I didn't know WE were playing the game too. The only thing shock, brown bomber is not nice, you say it's to make fun of appearance like everyone does for Eric, that's not making fun of his appearance.
  3. Actually I don't think it did go over as almost everyone on here has argued with you.
  4. OMG people, why the arguing? I am a female, NOT gay in any way. I find Kaysar cute, that's it!!! Mike, sometimes he's HOT, sometimes he's just cute, depends on the pic or the view. There is nothing wrong with obsessing with someone on tv, does not make them insecure makes them human. My lord some other boards I belong to the people obsess over Johnny Depp. Yes he's good looking but these people think he's hot as a pirate who seems gay or as a weirded out choclatier (however you spell it). Point is, it happens. And point is, NOT EVERYONE is going to agree with you. (that's a generaliza
  5. AND not to mention, with Eric gone, when Kaysar was evicted THEY ALL GOT OFF THEIR ASSES TO SAY GOODBYE. The sheep didn't believe in everyone saying goodbye before that. Even Ivette hugged Kaysar goodbye. BUT on a different note (I am voting for Kaysar so don't yell at me) I don't think this should've been a joke thread. We have one for Mike and one for Kaysar I think this should be one for Eric, it's only fair.
  6. I don't think we need any autovote sites, cbs is good enough. I just click the circle and submit and it's automatically entered. so what's the diff? NO i am not asking for someone to let me know the difference, i know, i am just saying i am not lazy, i can click a couple of buttons to submit my vote. Someone asked on another page about emailing cbs and asking them about voting rules, well like myself and others have said, if cbs didn't allow multiple voting then they wouldn't allow it. It's as simple as THAT. I have been voting for Kaysar since Thursday night, I even have friends who ar
  7. Sorry, another thing, to the person who asked if cbs is in overload, I"M not having any problems so I can't say, but my lord I am having a hard time getting around Morty's today lol. I keep getting critical error and have to leave and come back lol
  8. Actually with American Idol Jasmine made it quite far because of her hometown voting. That was NOT why they redid the votes. You think Jasmine and John made it THAT far BECAUSE they didn't allow MULTIPLE voting lol. BUT if anyone voted for Dancing With The Stars you would know that you were only allowed to vote ONE time per email address. CBS would be quite capable for setting it up that you could only vote once if that was what was only allowed AND we wouldn't be able to vote all the way to the 10th. Unlimited voting IS allowed, stop worrying, sorry Yana I quoted you ONLY for the Americ
  9. Actually, you don't have to do none of the above. When you vote you will see it says cbs.com under that it says Big Brother and the little house with the 6 in it, click on THAT and it takes you to the page where you see all three guys it says america's choice and then so on. Either way, youhave alot of choices. I hit backspace by the way to see what would happen and every time it was Kaysar that was lit up, the one I am voting for. BTW it should be called Big Brother viewers's choice as I am Canadian and I have been voting since last night
  10. I did not think I should bring up a little thing called Proxy Roulette since Im currently using it to drive Erics total through the roof. I dont want any ideas getting out to the KaysarLuvvers LOL! Its true that Dial-up users have dynamic IPs going on but then you have to sign in and out of your ISP between every vote and with Dial up that would sheer timewasting brutality ugh. Its also true that DSL and Cable can are technically 'Dynamic IP's' too but in the last few years I notice they rarely change them. I had the same one for 15 months once! So anyway, I do remember this came up in a prev
  11. Not true really. I know alot of people feel that way, but I have friends who DON"T come to the boards at all and they DON"T have live feed and they don't like Eric. You can see how he is. When I watch and he lies flat out to the HGs and then he still lies in the DR, we aren't stupid. Trust me. It's one thing to lie in the game, I know, they ALL do it and it's part of the game. But I seen how Eric tried to control everyone. I seen how he lied. I seen how he was hypocritcal. Yes I come to the boards, so that was why I mentioned my friends. I have ALOT of friends who don't come to the b
  12. I am not talking about Denise changing HER words, I am talking about the fact that A FEW of you have mentioned NO MATTER WHAT A WOMAN DOES not says. And then you said self defense was different. I thought you meant changing the theory of hitting a woman so i apologize for THAT misunderstanding. But I seen a few posts that said cannot hit a woman no matter what she DOES. And that means you cannot hit a woman for coming at you with a knife. That was a statement not an opinion. I beat the shit out of a guy once because he said something bad about my son. I expected him to hit me back and
  13. Of course no one should ever raise a hand to another person...ever! But the way you go on and argue this point INTO THE GROUND, I'm surprised no man you know HASN'T attempted to STAND UP TO YOU. Perhaps you are like Ivette and don't know when to shut it. Not because you might be hit, but because YOU ARE BEATING A DEAD HORSE...and if you do it here...you probably do it in your personal life. I can tell when I've gone too far and am inciting someone into anger...Ivette needs to LEARN THAT! Do you see the point Morph? Let it go!!!!!!!! Kaysar didn't hit her. Ivette is a 'MOUTH'. I've been
  14. That's ridiculous. Some people, even non-violent men can be provoked by a woman into hitting them. If they curse their mothers, talk about their race, religion etc. Ivette's ignorant ass insulted an entire religion when she said that all muslim men hated women. Those are fighting words, man or woman. If he were going to hit her, he would have. He just stood up and looked at her like how dare you say such things. Thats a crock as well. Nothing any woman can say will make me hit her. She coud insult me, my religion, my kids, or my mom and I would never hit a woman. Not a chance. All kiddin
  15. I seen that clip again and again and again and he just stood up over her. He didn't even have his fists clenched or balled or anything. His hands were barely closed. He has never showed any indication of being a woman beater and you're all just as bad as the Mike is a sexual predator screamers!!!
  16. It's called the principle of the thing. Are you one of those people who doesn't vote because "it won't make a difference" also? LOL some people. Stop watching a favorite show because one person didn't make it? OMG!!! We would've all probably stopped watching years ago if that were the case. Man imagine ALL the shows I wouldn't be watching anymore because my favorite was eliminated. Since I am a reality show junky, my viewing time would be cut WAY down. You can't compare voting for the sake of your country to watching a tv show.
  17. I was soooooooooooooo upset!!!! I couldn't believe my ears when both Heather AND Daphna were eliminated. I mean, come ON!!!! Jess and JD suck. I mean, they're good, but not with that group. Heather and Daphna shouldn't have been in the bottom three at all. And INXS!!! You got rid of sexy Will because he couldn't cut, why oh why are you keeping sexy Jess when SHE CAN"T cut it?? This is quoted from People magazine "When dreadlocked Jordis Unga strode onstage and ripped into a searing rendition of The Who's Baba O'Riley, she didn't just kick off another music competition, she out-sang fo
  18. That has been my thought for awhile. Janelle has said she knows Beau and it was said that Ivette lives a few blocks away. We saw Beau totally NOT cave when Ivette was doing her sooooooooooooo fake crying to Maggie IF he knows about it too, he could definitly hide it well.
  19. This thought was mentioned about a week ago. People wondered if there were the pairs and then another set of pairs among the pairs. Like Janelle and Ashlea then Janelle and Beau, etc.................I think it would be the FUNNIEST most shocking twist ever if we found out that Janelle and Ivette were really partners. They just hate each other toooooooooooo much.
  20. I watched this. Wasn't going to but nothing else was on. It was funny. Especially the girl who thought she could dance and argued with the judge. LOL The facial expressions she made while dancing were a hoot!!
  21. Wow.. rationality on a message board instead of venom. WTG Thank you. I try to stay rationale no matter what my opinion is. Sometimes I may lose my cool, but hey, we're all grown ups here. Aren't we?
  22. Actually there are two with Mike and in the group photo BOTH Mike and Janelle aren't included. Which made me mad but then the very next photo is the two in the pool so I was wondering if they were in the pool during the group photo.
  23. Internet feeds? Heck I watched it on tv and saw almost all of that. lol

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