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  1. I haven't watched this show in a long time, but Hal Munson was one of my favorites ever!!! I cannot believe he's gone.
  2. everyone chatting while Janelle does her hair
  3. James, Nak, Danielle, Will and Mike chatting in the kitchen while the rest of the house are still sleeping (lazy bums lmao)
  4. Will and Mike join Nak and Danielle James joins them
  5. They forgot to add Jenny to the worst list lol And Dave Navarro is the best part of Rock Star Brooke??? I'm shocked. Last season her outfits got smaller each week. After tonight's episode there's not much room for smaller lmao
  6. I don't like this season at all, the photoshoots are always so dark and they got rid of their version of "fat" to keep some really bad models lol But I agree, ANTM was stupid season one, so I guess I'll tune in next season to see if it's any better. As beautiful as Tricia is, she's so monotone and boring.
  7. Donyelle and Benji are the best of all. I watch them almost every day on YouTube lol
  8. I like them all except for Jenny. Chris I like but I thought he sucked and Josh is a good singer, but should just stand still lol
  9. I agree with you. I cannot believe with Chris's performance last night didn't inspire people to vote MORE for him. What's wrong with voters? Oh wait, lets ask Mandisa.
  10. I just heard about this show for the first time last night, obviously i don't read everything on here lmao Sounds interesting, but AI results were on last night so i missed almost all of it. heard about that Richard who's as crazy as a rat something something something lol And Jamie left lol
  11. I like have all types of singers on AI as long as they can sing. As much as I love my Bo and Chris, I really couldn't picture them on Rock Star anyway. Maybe had they been on that show and given the chance to sing great material, I would think differently.
  12. Yes, Joanie has a very likeable personality. I like her for that reason alone I still can't stand Jade, but she was definitely fabulous last night and deserved that win. I just want someone to give her an attitude adjustment (dont' know about Naomi Campbell personally, but never really a fan of hers anyway lol) I don't really know who I want to really win this yet. I'm surprised Sara's still there, not that I don't like her, but there's never much good said about her lol I don't know, Mollie Sue's gone so I don't care.
  13. Ace is likeable, but with who's left, he really needs to be the next to go. I'm shocked he's still there IMO
  14. I'm sad he's gone. The further the idols go on, the closer I feel to them and get sad no matter who leaves (except for Jennifer Hudson and Scott Salvol) BUT I do wish he had gone before Mandisa. He did NOT deserve to be there more then her.
  15. WTG to everyone everyone that's still here anyway
  16. Thank you for that Well Jade is STILL there but she actually did well tonight. But she still has that i'm better then everyone attitude i hate so much.
  17. Taylor's was cute funny, but I voted for Constantine, seeing someone fall on their ass while acting like they're all that makes me laugh.
  18. Had Scott been any good, I would agree, but he sucked. I think worse then Jennifer Hudson, but that's MO
  19. I'm all for an all-stars but i'm not liking the viewers voting to choose the cast. I imagine half of it being BB6 houseguests if they did that and well, I just watched them last summer. Maybe one person from BB6 would be ok, even 2, but I picture it being 6 or 7 And no one ever agrees on who's the best lol so there'd be alot of very upset viewers. For instance, some of you mentioned not wanting to watch Jase for a whole summer, I personally (even though I wanted him gone) enjoyed Jase and would love to see him come back.
  20. I agree on why is he still there (regional votes will do it for them) especially with Mandisa gone, but like Kellie, he's getting better cuz he's still there. Sad but true. Wish the truly talented was still there though cuz imagine someone great getting better
  21. I do believe he is vocally a good singer, maybe it's the rocker in me, I've been a rocker since I was child (I'm 34 now). I haven't heard him "scream" a song yet, they can't all be Jennifer Hudson's, but rock music is loud, guess it's normal to me if he is. I'm sorry but I remember the year with Clay and Rueben and every week was a slow sappy song and I was begging for something better every week, Chris gives that to me. NOW I will say I still think Bo was the best ever, but I love Chris and I've loved him since tryouts. Oh and what was that Queen said about him? That he's really good? Yea, I agree with Queen.
  22. Bad song but best singer was Chris, also surprised 100% by Kellie's very good performance. Worst was Taylor, or maybe Ace, one of them
  23. Kiss of death??? Anyone remember Jasmine? Scott? John Stevens? I don't care for Kellie but she's getting better. I thought she was good tonight. Not the best, but definitely not the worst.

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