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  1. Found Vanessa's High School Prom Pic :-) Will she vote out Liz and get more blood on her hands...LOL
  2. Was it Julia's idea to backdoor Vanessa? I could have sworn she's the one to put it out there first.
  3. She should have went to the beach house instead of the bb house...Meg's summer vacation at BB She's a cutie but that's about it...
  4. Survivor Style Big Brother = Fan Faves vs Fans HOH Winner = Side who wins HOH is safe. Loser members are all on the block and also are Have Nots POV/Immunity = Losing side will play for POV/Immunity with the winning member being safe from the eviction vote and will no longer be a have not (perhaps winning menber can even use it on someone else) Survivor game style continues until they merge (or lose enough players to form one team) then game reset to classic BB..
  5. Steve and Austin are the first two to fall off. Steve sure ain't gonna be a six million dollar man and Austin sure ain't Stone Cold.
  6. If the MVP twist was only for 6 weeks then it shouldn't have been come in to play in the beginning of the season. It would have been nicer somewhere in the middle where players can develop alliances and trust. Then with the remaining household America gets to vote for MVP once with the highest vote getter as first MVP and 2nd vote getter as the following week's MVP (unless that player is evicted then the MVP goes to the next vote getter and so forth) until all remaining players have had the opportunity to be MVP.
  7. I get this feeling that production is waiting to see if she gets evicted then announce that she will be the one going back in the house.... Hmmmm
  8. They're all doing pretty good playing "Helen Says"
  9. Im just glad that her West Side Story Maria days are gone (for good hopefully) - :-)
  10. Maybe Julie will say: This week Grodner is the MVP, so let's see who she puts up...
  11. If Amanda doesn't get evicted during the 1st eviction then she will be again the third nominee (if she isn't HoH or nominated by the HoH) otherwise it goes to the 2nd highest votes unless the 2nd highest votes is the HoH or nominated by the HoH etc etc etc...
  12. I thought I read here that Amanda is Grodner's friend and not really a real estate agent but a tv producer as well and that she was scripted to win Big Brother this season...so it doesnt matter that America puts her up...
  13. As much as I dislike Jeremy, I appreciated it that he competed instead of being like Howard and not give it his all...
  14. So the best thing for her is to vote out Amanda this week or it doesnt matter as she would not get any votes to win anyway?
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