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  1. I agree that Jam has now proven herself as a hypocrite.........ED never pretended to be anything more that the evil jerk he is........Jam on the other hand has gone out of her way to claim she is morally superior because she is a christian...........now, she's gone to ED's level.......by egging him on, calling his mom a bitch and making judgements about him, telling Amber about how God is going to get even with him........are those the actions of a true christian woman .....and Jam is the one who said people should judge me by my actions! I, too am sick of this year's cast.....I say give the money to charity and send them all home!
  2. I wish I could be in the room when the nerds all watch the shows and see how they got played by Eric
  3. Finally, some people with souls........i cannot understand the people who are sticking up for eric and blaming amber for having trusted him.......i'm no amber fan but eric's plan to out her secret to take away votes from her at some future time is the lowest thing i've seen on reality tv........he is NOT "my" choice and i resent cbs to keep calling him america's choice after this.......i aso do not understand how jess did not get upset over it when he told her.......does she really think eric could be that low and still be true to her?
  4. I for one do not want eric associated as being "my choice"..........making a plan to out someone's abortions is way too low of game play for me........it's the sickest thing i've seen in reality tv
  5. whoever voted for eric must have missed the feed where he told jess of his big plan to out amber's abortions in the end to take away any sympathy votes she may get.......how low can you go?
  6. I just think that eric's plan to use the abortion info against amber in the end to take sympathy votes away from her is one of the sickest things i've seen on reality tv (and i'm not an amber fan).......why jess wasn't more upset about it also makes me wonder.......
  7. I didn't really mind whether it was kail who left until i read that eric told jess last night that he is going to use the info amber gave him about her abortions against her in the end to take sympathy votes away from her.........i'm not an amber fan but i think that was the lowest yet in reality tv..............what wouldn't this man do
  8. If they dump Nick (who at least talks) and keep Kail again, the entertainment value will diminish even more......they need to do something unexpected because so far it's been the blind leading the blind........it's boring to watch so many followers, thus the poor ratings.

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