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  1. Rydethis


    I just finished watching the first 3 episodes.... it is getting really good!!
  2. Isn't Eric gay or bi... or did he just pretend to be to get close to that guy to kill him?
  3. It really amazes me how women will call the women on a show skanks.... not even knowing the women. Come on ladies...Don't disrespect each other like that!! Now crazy .....yes... Michelle fits that to a T!!! lol And Ali is just a drama queen looking to get her 15 minutes!! Tonight is going to be awesome!!! FYI Lost is the best ever!!!
  4. WHAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTTTT????????!!!!!!! I never thought of that!!
  5. Love it! There was a time when I wished they never crashed because of all the sad things that happened on the island...Now I see if they never crashed they would all be living the life they had (mostly bad) before the crash....Except for Hurley..hmmmmm I'm glad to see Charlie back. Few more hours and I'll be in Lost Heaven
  6. Ed left the show ...but got the girl in the end.
  7. Yep Ali is crazy...undercover crazy!! I know crazy... and she is it lol
  8. OMG!! I can't wait!! Please don't let there be any special news report or natural disaster tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the countdown Kayo.... you rock!!!!!!!!!
  9. This is a "reality" show.... we only get to see 2 hours worth of a weeks stuff. There is a reason those girls don't like Vienna (sp?). It's a house full of women... seriously I'm sure there is some stuff going on in that house that we haven't seen!! This is a game show..they are called contestants "If you want to be a contestant on the Bachelor...send in ...etc" Really how many marriages have come from these shows 1 maybe 2. This is just a ubber nice way of doing... the love shows on vh1 and the real worlds shows .. we just don't get to see the drama... cat fights!! LMAO!! On that note... go Ali... I hope she wins!!
  10. I watched it!! I'm weak I can't help it!!!
  11. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait!!
  12. I can't wait til the season starts!! Sad that it's the last season though

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