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  1. I am not sure about a winter Big Brother. I will give it a chance but I wonder if it will as entertaining as last year and worth getting the SuperPass.
  2. They already had the award show. I saw somewhere that won an award.
  3. From reading the feeds it looks like Dani just figured out a nickname for Amber abd it's the same one we have been using all summer......WAMBER
  4. OMG I hate when companies try to sell you things when you call to cancel something. I sure wish all you had to do was press the cancel button and it cancels it for you. This call the customer service number is a pain. Would have been better had the guy not tried to sell me on other products they had. At one point I had to just tell him Dude just cancel my member I don't want to buy anything.
  5. I think they will be fine in the end once they get help. What I don't understand is if Ed wants to fix there relationship then I don't know how he can go to Ireland so soon. The way I see it the only way things can really be fixed is with time and Dani knowing he will be there for her. If he goes to Ireland in a few months then what can really fixed? All he will be doing is putting what he wants infront of his family. I do hope they fix there problems that was one of the reasons I wanted them to stay in the house.
  6. I have until October to cancel so I am not worried about being billed again but do they show anything else on the feeds after the finale? Do we get to watch the after party or wrap party or do the feeds to black once the game is over?
  7. I would love to be on BB and see how I would do but 3 months is a long time to be away from your job. I don't think giving up my job for the show would be worth it and I don't think my bosses would give me that much time off either. Not to mention what do you do about where you live and your other bills if your single and live alone. At least if your married you have someone taking care of those things while your away but just like in some of the houseguest this year some will have no place to go or have to turn things back on because things weren't getting paid while they were gone. You give up alot which explains why so many younger people who don't really have careers yet are on the show.
  8. Lemondrops that is a great point. They did say she rode ED's coat tails so maybe they think she was the one making ED act the way he did. Remember she always claimed that she didn't like his tatics yet that comp showed her telling her dad to distract Zach. Maybe to the jury they think Dani has been doing that all summer.
  9. I still say that the dumbest move this season was not getting rid of the father/daughter duo when they had a chance. Now they are both in the F2. Dani should of left week 1 and ED weeks 2. Didn't the LNC see what ED was doing when he was saying lets get the upstairs people out of the house first? It bought D&D time to make deals. Even though I am a ED fan if I was in the house I would have made sure that they were the first to go because as we found out they we together since the first hour and nothing would have broken up blood. Showmances come and go but family is forever. Why not evicting D&D in weeks 1 and 2 was not a choice I have no idea.
  10. I'm sure they saw what we saw and we saw Dani not only telling her dad to get into Zach's head but ED lasting as long as he did because of Dani. That only could sway the vote Dicks way. From what I can tell the jury seems to think Dani rode Dick's coatails and they got very personal with her even bringing up Nick and how much time they spent together. Either way they have to pick a Donato so I guess are picking ED.
  11. I think when Zach showed the comps to the jury they saw Dani's true colors when it came to her dad's tactics with her telling her dad to distract Zack and get into his head plus with ED standing out there for almost 8 hours and the look he gave Dani maybe they saw ED in a different light. Then again maybe they all realized that they used ED in the LNC to do there dirty work and must of assumed Dani was doing the same thing. Hell Jessica used Eric to do her dirty work too. Seems like Dani and Jessica didn't want the jury to see them in a bad light yet Eric and Ed were fine with it as long as there side got to the final 2.
  12. I was rooting for ED since Day one. Infact after walked down the stairs and told the whole house he was Dani's father I knew I had to get the feeds. It was my first time getting them and I must say you really see who the people are with the feeds and see that BB edits things to show events the way they want and not the way it really happened. I find it funny that the people on the jury hate Dick for how he treated them but they seem to forget when he was in the LNC they loved the fact that he would use those tactics to get into the other sides head. He took the heat for that group in the beginning and they used him for it. I also wonder how Eric will react to the betrayal when he betrayed what was left of the LNC when he joined D&D. I really do hope ED wins this thing and if Dani can't be happy for her father then F her.
  13. I don't think Dick was trying to show that he got one over on BB by admitting about the secert code O just think he thought it was funny that he got the coded message right after it didn't matter and thought it was funny. He also forgot at first and was kinda shocked that Vincent remembered. As for the "yelling" I must admit I have never seen so many babies this season. How come Zack and Jen were the only ones not to crawl into a ball and cry everytime Dick screamed? Haven't they ever had someone raise there voice at them? Did they really think Dick was going to cross the line?
  14. The dumbest move of the summer was not evicting Dani and Dick out weeks 1 and 2. After that they were winning comps and made the "other" side of the house feel threatened about the Ms. Robinson side. To me that changed the game.
  15. It was funny how both Jess and Eric were wearing the same clothes they did when they were evicted.
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