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  1. Seriously how stupid can they be? Why do they give women such a bad name! Ami was the only survivor woman w/ any sense and even she screwed it up!
  2. Thanks for the update Jackie! I'm bummed I forgot to record it
  3. Ginger he has plenty of kleenex's right next to his bed....er...because he cries himself to sleep every night because ROMBER LOST :twisted:
  4. moody


    Well they were married in the Bahamas..BUT.... I believe most states divorce law includes language that lets you keep what you have brought in to the marriage... I'm not a lawyer, just a daughter of one and also an employee of the largest law firm in Boston..and I don't know the exact answer but that's how it works here.
  5. Suds I think you have been a very gracious winner...I also think that none of us truly lost.. The only way that would happen is if Ron & Kelly had won.. Then we would all be here consoling one another..ICK!!
  6. moody


    No sleep for the Wicked!!!!! Anyway.. like I said.. I never thought Romber would go all the way.. I'm surprised they made it as far as they did.. I glad the U & J won.. I couldn't TAKE it if Ron & Kelly won... BUT Rob ran one hell of a race.. I have to admire his drive and stamina.. WAY TO GO ROB!!
  7. moody


    H*ll no!!! We've had this show and it's Romber follower BS crammed down our "Romber Hater" throats for months and it's our time in the sun. I haven't watched the show in weeks either. I quit watching before Spooky did. I didn't even watch tonight! But I have been waiting for Slob and Ambuuuhhh to lose because I finally get my chance to gloat and poke fun and say whatever the heck I want to because it's MY OPINION and I have one and it's OK. If this goes on for weeks, it's OK. I'm actually sure it will go on for weeks. And that's OK, too. I can look or not look. I can bleed or not bleed. My choice. I'm sure we will hear how the race was fixed, and "oh well, at least they came in 2nd place", and "they still got $50,000". I'd be willing to swear on my son's life (ha ha, I don't have a son) that if Slob and Ambuuuhhh HAD one, OH MY GAWD, would we have never heard the end of how deserving they were, and how awesome they played and blah fr**kin' blah. .............NEXT. :rofl Seriously? I weep for you.. How could someone EVER take something so seriously. How you get 'rammed down your throats' out of people disagreeing with you is beyond me. I for one, have stated since the beginning that I knew Romber was not going to win. I had NO doubt in my mind that they wouldn't. I also don't remember gloating or cramming..anything down anyone's throat.. I vividly remember stating MY OWN OPINION just like everyone else on this board.. I'm soooo sorry if a handful of posters can not accept being disagreed with.. You know what..that's life..get over it and move on. Find something more constructive to do with your time.. seriously..lying in wait.. to gloat..YAY YOU!!!!
  8. moody

    Alex & Lynn

    Ranster gay marriage has been legal in Massachusetts for one year. The MA Supreme Judicial Court ruled that it was unconstitutional to deny equal rights, including the right to marry, to anyone. Our legislature is currently writing an amendment to the constitution to ban same sex marriages but allow civil unions. If they pass that, this will go to the voters as a ballot initiative sometime in 2006. That was one and only one of the reasons why John Kerry lost the election last November. He was labeled the 'liberal' Senator from Massachusetts..BUT enough of that!!!!! Good luck Lynn and Alex, it's hard enough to keep a heterosexual marriage together with 'society' on your side.. I wish you all the luck in the world.
  9. moody

    Alex & Lynn

    Yes Suds is right! The topic of the thread determines it's content..therefore Lynn & Alex are the only people that should EVER be discussed in this thread!! Otherwise we would be Off Topic and that is just unacceptable!! I wish them much happiness in life and love. I wonder why they didn't choose to come here to Massachusetts to get married.. I would have loved to have been witness to that!!
  10. Whatever all you non-believers :roll: .. Look at us!! You know he's running TO us!! Again, this is Scuba..Rob..and Moody!!!!!!!!!
  11. Damn look at that boy run! BUT it looks more like he's running TO both Scuba and I :wink:
  12. Puppies? I will name my first spawn after ROMBER! That way male or female..tail or no tail..it's still ROMBER!!
  13. Oh Neb! I feel your pain..after we won that's what I said..Now all we need are the Cubs to win!! AND ROMBER OF COURSE.. THEY MUST WIN EVERYTHING...Hmm Romber wins the World Series!!
  14. Oh yeah? Well I have a mosaic of Rob tattoo'd across my back..so there!
  15. How do I love Romber? Let me count the ways.. 1. I think Rob and yes..okay Amber too, are amazing competitors, they give each competition their all 2. I think (of course I don't know for sure..it's JMHO) that they are both deeply in love with each other and I respect them because they respect one another. TAR puts people, especially couples, under a tremendous amount of stress and they have handled that perfectly. Their display of love and mutual respect for one another..is reminiscent of Chip & Kim. 3. They bring humor into everything..yes Rob does get stressed sometimes, but I love how they keep trying to make one another laugh.. 4. They're not bad to look at!!! Okay, those are only some of the reasons..I'll think some more and get back to ya! :wink:
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