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  1. Agree. I came with an open mind, to not dislike him because he's a Hantz. He proved me wrong, I dislike him.
  2. Willie isn't the type to off himself. He could off someone else tho. Stay safe little nugget, lol.
  3. Ya think Ian a spy for the HOH gang? I know wrong thread but responding to above.
  4. Willie, Willie, Willie, ya screwed the pooch. By the way were's my little nugget Ian? Hiding?
  5. I think you're right. Something is happening...........hmmmmmm. Willie is already a Have Snot, probably put on the block, and kaboom. Hair, teeth, and eyeballs. Clean up aisle 7.
  6. Do you know why there are 4 Have Snots? (not a typo)
  7. You mean she's not a natural blond? (snicker snicker)
  8. LOL Tara. "Frankly my dear I don't give a damn." Britney a waste of space. Also I wish she would stop chewing on herself. She did that her season too.
  9. I don't like Willie. He's a bully to get his own way and a poor sport when he doesn't. He does add interest to a mostly boring show, thus far. That's the only nice thing I can say about him.
  10. There's a Jo Jo and a Joe, a Danielle and a Dan, a Wil and a Willie. No wonder I'm confused.
  11. Of course he's a virgin. Who would want to............never mind. Don't need a warning.
  12. Well at least when/if Ian gets the axe down the line he can kick himself in the head.
  13. Ditto. I haven't a favorite yet either. Tho I have one un-favorite, so far.
  14. LOL, he was the Big Bubba first HOH. I still don't like him, he needs a whupping from Russell. So there.
  15. Len. Ian gave Frank his word to not vote him out. Ian said to others he's keeping his word to Frank. Hey, whats with tippy toes, lol.
  16. When I saw a Hantz in the game I thought, not going to like him. But, I gave him a one week chance. Know what? I don't like him. He's a bully and a liar (they all lie by the way). He plays BB game like his brother Russell played Survivor. Surrounding himself with a 2 -3 girl alliance. And, I don't think he likes women. Probably not the men either. He just likes Willie. And Willie is a dumb first week player.
  17. Yeah, Frank. I don't who is who yet. Frizzy Frank.
  18. Yup, I wonder how he thought he was going to pull a No-Hantz off. All these players are reality TV watchers/wannabe's
  19. LOL LOL, I'm looking for my scissor. Wil, NEEDS a hair cut ( so does that other curly hair guy, what's his face). Off with their heads, err, I mean hair. SueZ
  20. Len......Buckle up, here we go. Another season. (Why does my font look like that hmmmmm ) Smash, again. Note - Where's GingerSnaps? Calling all GingerSnaps, calling all GingerSnaps......Report to the front office.
  21. One episode.....I don't know what the heck is going on yet, or who is who. I don't like or dislike anyone, yet.

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