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  1. Some really good TV last night. Snap!

  2. "whose f'ing cat is that?!"

  3. Hoping the DWTS get the forum set up. Looks like some good dancing this season.

  4. Girl your mailbox is full. Can't send you a message.

  5. I think your broom is calling you. cackle cackle. wb

  6. Welcome Stacy!Don't forget to check out Off Topic too. So glad you joined us.

  7. Welcome back

  8. I was out being a hooker. Now I am back... where are you? LOL

  9. Just popped in to say Hi. I love the name Steve. That name belongs to my grandfather, brother, my BIL and my ex and his son. LOL

  10. Hope you are enjoying Morty's. We will get you hooked on Big Brother this summer.

  11. Pokey!!! Miss you... waaaaah

  12. You dirty hooker! hugs

  13. Just wanted to say Hi and glad things are better for you.

  14. Hey Pinkie. Just dropped in to say Hi and so nice having you at Morty's.

  15. Just popped in to say hi. I have enjoyed having you around. Looking forward to see if we agree next summer on BB. LOL

  16. Just popped in to say Hi. Hope all is well with you. Don't forget we are doing BB studio next summer.

  17. Is that all you got? I like spiders and sticky eyeballs.

  18. Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you

    we miss you....

  19. Marty

    Just dropped in for a Hi to my fellow dirty hooker.

  20. Nice having you around Morty's. I like your posts.

  21. Miss you around Morty's. Hope all is will with you.

  22. Welcome to Morty's. If you need any help finding anything just ask.

  23. poke poke poke. Let's get this party started.

  24. Miss ya. Are you still having trouble getting in Morty's?

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