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  1. I don't see anywhere in his bio that says he's a hypnotist or spell caster, but he sure has these men under a spell for sure. I kind of liked him in the beginning and thought the early spoilers labeling him as a villain were wrong. Why those men didn't blindside him I will probably never know. Maybe it is the food deprivation that dries up their brain cells.
  2. I soooo want to believe that Phillip's ancestor came to him in a vision and told him where to find his shorts. His finding them so quickly did raise my suspicions, though. Whatver the case, I'm glad he found them.
  3. I thought Ralph did his best dancing AFTER the fall. He seemed more relaxed and confident.
  4. Loved these guys and hated to see them go. They proved that good guys might finish last, but they finish proud. It's one thing to lose a competition due to your own blunders, but quite another when the deck is stacked against you. Too bad the others didn't play quite so "fair" on this one. Maybe it was a good strategic move, but I think there might be a particular team down the line that will reflect on this leg and realize they handed off a million dollars. Time will tell.
  5. Even though she is not close to being the best dancer and should not take home the mirror ball trophy, I do feel badly for her. I'm sure she knows she has gone further than she should have, but I give her credit for hanging tough through all the scrutiny and bashing. As far as her interviews go, she's on the spot because she can't very well stand there and say she thought she'd be gone weeks ago because she didn't deserve to be there. Regardless of her dancing skills, she's doing the best she can and working hard like the rest of them. I have to admit it was hard for me to watch her in the beginning and I thought she'd be the first one out, then the second, then the third.... But, she's still there and working hard. The producers knew exactly what they were doing when they invited her to join the show. For them, its about the ratings. By now, everyone has heard of DWTS and they're taking it to the bank. There are people voting and people are not voting. This isn't the first season that the popularity factor has played a big role. It's just the most controversial because of the political edge. I'm voting for Jennifer, but if Kyle wins that's good too. If nothing else, this has been an interesting run.
  6. I somehow think that if Chad and Steph had U-turned Nat and Kat LIKE THEY HAD PLANNED that they wouldn't have been standing there taunting them. I realize he was in the moment, but it was classless to stand there and bully.
  7. He is so mean to her and she seems to ooze insecurity which makes her a huge target for abusive treatment. I hope she finds some strength to keep on running once this race is over and get as far away from him as she can. She can certainly do better. Next week's previews look ugly. What a jerk he is.
  8. I wasn't a fan of Russell's from the start, but his commitment to mastering the game impressed me to the point that I had to agree that he played the game better than any of the others. However, I understand his disappointment at losing the game, but he is so bitter that it is almost out of character. Apparently there was some "discussion" amongst some of the players about the sock burning since he came prepared with a replacement pair. Handing them to Jaison would have been way more humorous than tossing them into the fire. He seemed so rattled and angry last night. But, then again, I haven't walked in those shoes so it is just my meager observation for what it's worth.
  9. One word - Annoying as heck. Okay, that's three words, but the sentiment is the same.
  10. Sounds like their marriage is on a rocky pathy right now. Hope they can work it out.
  11. There's no question how gifted he is and has no qualms about expressing his sexuality. I like him and thought he got robbed on American Idol. He's an interesting entertainer who can be flamboyant or subdued to fit the moment. His performance was fantastic, but still a little over the edge. As I sat there, I thought of my 16 year old niece sitting at home watching some of her favorite performers and "stepping away" from the memory of a brutal sexual assault that took place less-than-a-week ago. The crotch scene probably ended her "escape" and pulled the flashbacks to the forefront of her mind. I know, I know, Adam Lambert isn't responsible for what happened to her, but I think that particular part of his act was not in good taste. Enough said.
  12. I actually liked his dances! What a surprise. He's one I'll be rooting for and didn't expect to.
  13. Oh, please spare me. I can't believe they're coming back!!!! Again!!!! Maybe Heidi needed to leave the jungle to pick up four more cases of hair shampoo spray or whatever it is and Spencer needed to find an exorcist to undo the baptism. Personally, I'd have liked to see Steven Baldwin hold him under a few more minutes. Yes, I'm bad. Oh, well....

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