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  1. Thanks Shrinra, I just ran madly to my tv and watched 6 1/2 minutes of CW commercials and no luck! But oh well! The weird thing is that my BB hasn't ever been bumped prevously for Thursday night (anyway) so I don't know what changed this year.\
  2. Why does CBS not move eviction night when there is pre-season football scheduled? Oh and I just found out when I turned CBS on, a heads up would have been nice as well.
  3. There is also a difference between a free loader and someone who works in an industry where they live where they work, ie an oil field.
  4. If Brendon does not go back in then CBS wastes all of the "wedding" video footage...... Yuk, I don't want to see anymore Brenchel.
  5. She did she put on a glitter shirt and pulled the blanket around her and layed down on the bed looking really really sad for the camera
  6. Ok I just thought of this: Wouldn't it be great if the competing house guests did not get to see each other until after the contest? That way if it is Brendon and Rachel they would have no idea who they are competing against and Brendon wouldn't throw it to Rachel.
  7. She wants Brendon out because then she can take Rachel to final 2 and win
  8. See and that is why I think the POV should be like the Survivor's immunity idol. You hold it you are safe, you give it away, tough noogy, all bets are off. I saw a comment somewhere that Rachel could win POV and save both her and Brendon, but that can't happen if they are both on the block.
  9. My favorite was when Clifford was all upset because Cassi was using all her "weaknesses" against her. Yep, her game play "sucked."
  10. So to sum up the "greatest" player; this season she won the first challenge that no one else was trying to win and she won the challenge yesterday that could have easily been won by a coin toss. There was no skill involved in this week's challenge anyone could have won. Until Clifford wins a challenge that requires some skill (not a guess) and until she plays against the whole house she really hasn't won anything in my opinion.
  11. I believe the reason that Jordan told Julie about Jeff throwing the last golf challenge was to politely remind Julie that this was not her first HOH win (as Julie had said).
  12. these two yaywhos are going to go a long way because of idiots who throw comps....and yet they will both believe that they are stronger than everyone else.
  13. If Jeff is such a homophobe why is he spending time talking to Lawon? On Sunday night there were 2 groups, the group inside playing dice drinking games and then there was Jeff, Lawon,Jordan and Shelly off and on out on the patio talking. At one time Jeff and Lawon were talking about how much Lawon works out, etc. Jeff could have easily gone inside and joined the inside group, but he spent his time getting to know Lawon.
  14. what if after this weeks vote, Julie doesn't read the vote but says that no one will be evicted because of ED DOR? This would help getting the show to where it should be with the number of golden keys and houseguests used/gone this week.
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