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  1. SueZ.... don't go ! !

    If I can hang in here til the bitter end... I know YOU can. !


    I'm a widow too... and 79.

    If nothing else... it keeps our blood pumping and gives us a chance to see our old buddies here at Mortys.

    (I'm a little PO'd that Wicked doesn't pop her pointy nose in here much... she kept everyone on their toes)

    I'm hooked on internt Scrabble, Mahjong, Text Twist...  lol, still have time for them too.


    ok... done begging... later kiddo :P 

    1. SueZqueZ


      Promise I won't go and will check in with you.  I'm on FB (if your on look for me under Sue Andrews House) and I too have taken up the old internet games.  Son got me hooked on apple iPad games, so I'm crushin' a lot LOL ... miss the good ole days of the banter here, but when hubby took ill after his mom passed, life just wasn't the same for me.  I cared for him for 3 years till he passed in 3/15.  Hugs and kisses my long time friend :) 

    2. Slowpoke


      Oh.... I'll write down your name and check you out on FB.

      You'll find me... Lenny Kramer (Western High School... Maryland)

       I too am a widow.  3 daughters, 2 grandaughters.

      Only 2 other folks from Morty's that I see on there are Dade.... and do you remember Old Guy from way back ?

      My girls finally talked me into doing FB about 3 yrs.ago, and.... lol, really enjoy it ^_^

      Hope to see you from time to time after BB.

    3. SueZqueZ


      Just getting ready to head to FB but stopped here first.  YES sure do remember Old guy and Dade.  I'm glad you enjoy FB, because of Marty, Snancy, Dougie, to name a few are also on FB I ended up on FarmVille and Frontierville and made some life long friends there too...if you don't see me here you'll see me on FB!!  I turn 67 this month and I have 4 kids 1 daughter, 2 step sons, and my son.  Between them I have 13 grandchildren and 7 great grandkids...LOL   

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