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  1. I agree. Some of my favorites are back. It does not seem the same without Heidi and Tim though.
  2. These guys are one of my favorite teams. They work well together and always take moments to stop and smell the flowers! They are taking ever advantage of traveling the world. It's interesting that they dont seem to get hung up on the race but always seem to pull through. It is refreshing to see a team work so well together and not always fighting .
  3. Ok i really really really hate Gage now. When he starts going after Jenny that is it! I do like that Jeff got on his case a bit last night and what did he do....he pouted like a little kid. Cant stand they guy. Glad Jenny decided to stay. She is the only one who seems to be able to put Jeff in his place. Zoila has Gage's number and lets him know it. Jett i hope lasts. Gage seems so eager to move into the new place and set up a nursery and get a kid right away. I think he as alterior motives for that. Bravo shows seem lately that they just get started and are over in like 2 mos!
  4. in the beginning it was the viewers who voted who got evicted. Would like to see that forum come back.
  5. I do NOT like that Gage. I think he wants to get rid of everyone around Jeff. I could see finally letting Sarah go but not Trace. Trace was very good at what he did and Jeff (prompted by Gage)gave him the boot because he was designing his closet while at work? I would have said -jeff do i get all my work done?
  6. speaking as a gay man, i really dont think Jeff is NOT a homophobe. He is just ignorant. He is speaking like probably 75% the way most of america feels. I do like Jeff and I am hoping that he and Jordan take 1st and 2nd. I also do not think he is abusive towards Jordan. He I feel is just looking out for her and I think he is a bit strong with Jordan..because lets face it..Jordan is a bit flighty...love her for that. GO Jeff and Jordan!!!!


    there has been a clarification that they are not leaving the show..for now anyway. my favorite episode was the christmas one, and when Sue's sister passed away.
  8. I always thought he was gay....my gaydar usually is never wrong.
  9. I only watch it for the host David Salmoni...that guy is hot and I have liked him from his earlier shows like Rogue Nature.
  10. Remember the 1st season when the television audience was the ones who voted out who went home?
  11. Team J/J all the way!!! I dont think Jeff is being mean to Jordan at all. I think he is just looking out for her.
  12. I think Jeff is one of the most handsome men out there. I like the way he looks out for Jordan. Glad he told Rachel off for her big mouth.
  13. I also was sorry to see NeNe leave that way too. I think Trump made his choice on the trade as NeNe and LaToya had bonded before they left and neither of them liked Star. So I think Trump thought well if i put these to together they are going to give Star a run for her money. NeNe just took it to personal that it was her who was moved from one team to the other. I watched Star and she is one shrewd crafty manipulative lady and NeNe and LaToya had her number from the very beginning. I think it will be John Rich and Marlee in the final two but who knows...I would like to see John Rich win as I think he as been a very strong person throughout. I can say the same for Marlee too.
  14. They were one of my favorite teams and would like to see them in the final 3 over those obnoxious globetrotters or the sisters. My favorite scene was when they were getting waxed.....mostly because i think Justin is HOT HOT HOT! I laughed when they were getting mad at the ladies who were doing the waxing!!!
  15. Thanks Gary and Mallory. I wanted you guys to win and it was a pleasure to watch an actual team. You both worked hard and supported each other and i never saw you guys snap or put each other down. I think you did win in the end in your own right. How cool for you guys and father and daughter to do a once...well make that twice in a lifetime experience. Hope you get to run it again.
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