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10 vs 2, part 2

By PaganMom, 08/01/2017

This is not my video. I found it on YouTube.

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Omg and they call Cody the bully.  They are the bullies.  Him and Jess are the only ones with enough guts to go after Paul. They all might as well just pat Paul on the back and say congrats. 

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I think that what they were doing out in the yard is nothing short of high school bullying.  I am sorry I have watched Big Brother since year one and I have never seen such outrageous bullying.  It should NOT be allowed.  We are trying to teach kids that bullying is not accepted and then they turn on Big Brother and watch what I watched tonight...tsk, tsk Big Brother, you should be halting that on the spot.  It's ok for a whole house hold to be against one or two people, that doesn't bother me.  I am not the biggest Cody and Jessica fans BUT I do NOT like what I saw tonight.  It is just my opinion.  I have a son who was bullied so horrendously in high school that every night I had to deal with someone who ended up suicidal because of it....so this REALLY, REALLY bothered me...JMO :'(


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Agree the pots and pans in people face and people laughing like it's funny?


not funny or cool!


I think they're all in for shock when

they get out!


especially Paul.


I liked him, but this is to much.

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I agree, bullying seems to be a trend and the Big Brother producers have helped it along by giving Paul power from day 1. It's nothing new that people prefer to have others think for them and even hurt others to make their leader proud. I don't care who wins, but hope it isn't one of Paul's sheep. Oh hell, write Paul a check and be done with it. The producers have done everything they can to keep him in the game. It would be nice to see a BB game with all new players. 

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This is the worst cast BB has ever had and they should be ashamed of themselves for letting all this bullying continue. I can't stand this show anymore.

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