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Houseguest Patricia “Risha” Denner Discussion

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bbcan3-patricia-denner.jpgPatricia “Risha” Denner

Age: 41

Hometown: Toronto, ON

Occupation: Waitress At 41 years old and standing 6‟1”, this sensitive, statuesque beauty from Toronto is the complete package.


Describe yourself in three words:

Independent. Sensitive. Fun.


Do you have a strategy to win Big Brother Canada?

I really don’t have anything defined at this point but I definitely have opinions about how people have competed on the show before me and what mistakes they made. I know what NOT to do. The people who go in with a set strategy are not realizing that there are other people in the house who are going to throw a wrench in to their plans. You have to adjust to your environment. Also, I’m tall (6’1) and I know that might be intimidating to people so I’ll be sure to show people my nurturing and caring side – I’ll play the big sister.


If you could take one thing inside the house, what would it be and why?

I would bring my cat (Lily). No matter what’s going on, I’m always comforted by her. She’s my fur baby and she always wants to snuggle.s person. I plan to be nice to everyone – you want people to like you, right?


Brain vs. Brawn. Which challenges, physical or mental, do you fear most?

Neither. I played sports growing up. I think I’ll be OK even for the endurance challenges. My only fear is heights – that’s God’s ironic joke on me. The mental challenges won’t be a problem either. I was in the hospitality industry for years. I have had to deal with my fair share of difficult people and mind games.


If you won, how would you spend the $100k?

I want to travel the world but in a volunteer capacity. I also want to put money into an account for my niece so she can go to school or travel. Something that will give her a launching pad in life.


Who is your Big Brother Canada idol and why?

Emmett (BBCAN1). He competed so well. He’s genuinely such a good person. He’s so classy. He didn’t talk badly about people and he was such a good listener. He was just an all-around good player.


True North strong and free. What is your favourite thing about Canada?

I feel very blessed to be here. Living in Canada, you have so many more freedoms and rights than anywhere else in the world; especially as a woman. We have access to education and health care. You turn on the tap on there’s water. We are so lucky to have basic amenities. I mean come on, what am I supposed to say, “maple syrup?!” Ha!


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