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On Nov 2nd, 2014 Utopia was Officially Cancelled

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Sunday afternoon, Fox announced that it has cancelled its Jon De Mol social experiment Utopia.  The live feeds have been cut off, the Pioneers sent home and Friday was the last episode.  The show, scheduled to run 12 months and which featured no competitions, no winners or losers and no prizes was plagued by low ratings from the start.  Ratings were so slow for last Friday's episode, and despite the recent rule changes, this failed experiment could not be saved. A special Morty's TV thank you to Dawn for her dedicated coverage of this show for the last two months.  You can read all her great coverage at the links below, or check  out our Utopia Forum on the Morty's TV Fan Forums.  In the meantime, we'll try to keep track of the pioneers and provide post-Utopia updates as possible.

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