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Active: JEREMY Arr: 10/29/14 - Cancelled by Fox 11/2/14

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Name: Jeremy

Vitals: 37, married

Habitat of Origin: Lansing, Michigan

Occupation: Self-proclaimed "turd-herder" (owns a local plumbing company)

Skillset: Military background, hunting, fishing, impersonating ZZ Top

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Expressed In Emojis: American flag, cup of tea, party hat

Most Likely To: Bond with Bella about the apocalypse for at least a few seconds (before she gets offended)

Natural Enemies: Quitters, liberals, computers

Jeremy's Utopia: Not having to answer the phone for a whole year


Armed with his Bible, a set of knives, and a willingness to hug, the self-proclaimed next leader of Utopia can't fail. But will Utopia fail him? If the Tea Party supporter and medical marijuana enthusiast dislikes “living in a politically charged climate of dismay” on the outside, just imagine how he’ll react to Utopia’s governmentally challenged petri dish of ennui.

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