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Banished: ROB Arr: 8/20/14 - Ban: 10/27/14 @Hospidor

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Name: Rob

Vitals: 38, Married to Jessica in Utopia

Habitat of Origin: JERSEY

Occupation: Security programmer

Skillset: Survival training, hunting, fishing, camping, complaining

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Expressed In Emojis: Gun, American flag, beer glasses, explosion

Most Likely To: Bleed red, white, and blue when someone punches him out

Natural Enemies: Humans

Rob’s Utopia: An entire army of Rob clones gleefully helping him dig his own grave


“I’m a Goddamn patriot,” says proud Jersey son Rob, who’s excited to represent “the real ‘Merica” in a Utopia he suspects will be filled with “liberals, hippies, kumbayahs, and hairy-legged broads.” Good luck, bro!

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Rob was voted out after online viewers voted for Bri (who walked out) Aaron and Rob as "Outcasts".  In a vote of 6/5 with Josh being the deciding vote, Rob was Banished.

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