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Departed: MIKE Arr: 8/20/14 - Dep: 10/26/14 TWITTER @msqsp

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Name: Mike

Vitals: 33, single

Habitat of Origin: New York City

Occupation: Associate attorney

Skillset: Litigation, haircare, delusions of grandeur

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Expressed In Emojis: Shirt and tie, shooting star, two ballerina dancers

Most Likely To: Try and line up 4-5 dates in the first week

Natural Enemies: “Born again Christians, racists, fascists...pretty much anybody way on the left or way on the right”

Behavioral Quirks: Gavel-wielding, fondling of own hair

Mike’s Utopia: You must mean “Miketopia,” a metropolis teeming with pretty girls, hair salons, and a healthy supply of condoms.


“My strengths are definitely in government, not in working,” says lawyer Mike, a serial dater who’s packing work boots… for some other Utopian to wear. “We have a much better chance of creating a society if I’m managing the rules.”

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A family emergency has called Mike out of Utopia.  His father called production and requested that Mike be sent home IMMEDIATELY for a matter regarding his mother.  We have since found out his mother was not in life threatening danger, we still wish Mike and his family all the best. 


Mike will not be returning to Utopia.  We will keep you updated as we learn more information.

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