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Active: DR. NIKKI Arr: 8/20/14 - Cancelled by Fox 11/2/14 TWITTER @DrNikkiNoce

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Name: Nikki

Vitals: 29, single

Habitat of Origin: Brooklyn, NY

Occupation: Medical/holistic doctor, life coach, herbalist, yoga instructor

Skillset: Gardening, intense eye-gazing, cuddling

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Expressed In Emojis: Banana, stopwatch, “let me touch you” emoji

Most Likely To: Last the longest

Natural Enemies: No-Touching policies, unchecked capitalism

Nikki’s Utopia: An endless group hug


An ideal society won’t take shape overnight, but don’t expect that to phase Dr. Nikki. After all: “It’s not about the orgasm, it’s about the process,” says the holistic doctor and tantric sex enthusiast sure to take a hands-on approach to communal living.

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