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Active: KRISTEN Arr: 9/4/14 - Cancelled by Fox 11/2/14 TWITTER @kristenvanstrom

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Name: Kristen

Vitals: 23, in a relationship

Habitat of Origin: Jamestown, NY

Occupation: Former burlesque clothing company owner

Skillset: By her own admission, “sowing the seeds of drama”

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Expressed In Emojis: Lipstick kiss, Moneybag, “Cool” symbol

Most Likely To: Lose her mind listening to Nikki


A business entrepreneur straight out of college, Kristen believes strongly in personal accountability. “I don’t have time for fat people...lazy people...people who make excuses for their life.” She’s a take-charge woman who is “totally in charge” of her relationship with her boyfriend. “He’s just there for my support.”

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