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Departed: PASTOR JON Arr: 8/20/14 - Dep: 9/10/14 TWITTER @BigJonLovelace

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Jonathan is a pastor and high school coach.  His habitat of origin is Church Hill, Tenn.This 45 years old married men can build, hunt and fish. He is also the father of two kids.

''I'm a pastor in the community. I want an opportunity to share the message that I'm sharing locally to as many people as I can. God is no longer at the center of our society. A society that's gonna succeed needs to have God at the center of it.''

''What I would like to see accomplished with the social experiment is to show folks that you can come together with differences. Put those differences aside and work together. There are times where diplomacy don't get the job done.  You have to do whatever it takes. I love a challenge. I'm very competitive. I think that I could survive and be a great asset to those around me as we build that society that we all wanna call Utopia.''


 "When I go to Utopia, God goes to Utopia," proclaims Jonathan, who hopes to build a church and baptize his fellow Utopians. 

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On 9/10/14 Pastor Jon left Utopia for medical reasons.  While playing baseball he broken his thumb.  Although at first not thought to be a problem it turned out he needed surgery and two screws to hold a bone in his thumb in place for about 6 weeks.  The screws would be OUTSIDE the skin and drilled into the bone, so it was determined he was not going to be able to keep it clean or immobile for long enough to heal properly.


Pastor Jon was later called back to the farm in order to marry Rob and his long time fiance Jess.  While there, he also baptized Kristen.

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