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Departed: DAVE Arr: 8/20/14 - Dep: 9/5/14 TWITTER @5thAveDave

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David Green, a.k.a. '5'th Avenue' is a 34 years old single homeless and unemployed cast member. His habitat of origin is San Diego. His skills: Sales; hustling; amateur barbering; smooth-talking.

''As a child, my childhood was pretty chaotic. You know, I was a foster child from the age of three till about seventeen and my mom did drugs for like fifteen years.  I got involved with the wrong kind of people and I went to prison for a burglary, a non-violent burglary. Thank God nobody got hurt. The wisdom and the knowledge that I've gained in these experiences is what makes me an asset this day. For me Utopia is like a clean sleeve. I get to display to the world the best characteristics of me. The best part about David.''

''I would like my Utopia to be a place where everyone cohesively works for the edification and cultivation of the unit.''


"On paper, I'm written off," says 5th Avenue Dave, a former drug dealer and burglar who's been in and out of jail since 17. "I wanna show the world that ex-convicts and felons can make a change." 

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On the evening of 9/5/14 Dave decided it was better to leave Utopia immediately before he hurt someone.  He packed his box and walked out the gate.  The following Sunday he was allowed back in the farm to be baptized by Pastor Jon. 


We have since heard that he has moved to Pastor Jon's state and is doing well.

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