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I love the look of disappointment Jack has for Chloe that she's latched onto this anarchist. The show writers portray the government as incompetent and motivated by office politics as ever. That aspect is almost formulaic. As is having the one lone wolf agent with any intelligence in intelligence, and her trusty technology support person who warns that something is against protocol before doing it anyway.

I love Devane portraying a President suffering from Alzheimers. I'm already trying to figure out which person on his staff is actually in league with the woman trying to kill him. And everyone in London seems to have a gun except the police. I have to admit to being a little rusty - I didn't see the hooker-turned-assassin coming.

BTW, anyone catch the joke in the series title?

Who guesses the US Military's drone system must have been affected by the Heartbleed security hole given how easy it was for the hacker to penetrate its security, overtake the drone and then erase his trail...

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