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Week14 - It's Time To Win... It's Time To Win...

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On day 94 Big brother told the housemates that every vote Australia casts would be for them to win big brother. The two with the least votes to win would be evicted two days before the finale. The voting lines then opened.

On day 99, in a double eviction Boog and Drew were the fifteenth and sixteenth housemates to be evicted, leaving Tim, Tahan and Jade in the grand finale.!

On day 101, Tahan received the least number of votes to win, becoming the second runner up and winning $5000. Jade became the runner up, winning $10,000 and the 64" 4K Television BB had set up in the backyard for them to watch the finale show. Tim received the most votes to win from Australia and was named the winner of Big Brother 2013 and given an IOU by Big Brother for $250,000!


Check out the recap of the finale celebration and all the episodes from Season 10 at http://mortystv.com/bbau!

Big Brother Australia will return for an 11th season in 2014!

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