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Guest GaYToR

Survivor Writers 2004 / 2005

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Guest ranster627
I may not be recognized for my own contribution of putting those writers together week after week, but it doesn't lessen my respect and admiration for the writers. My efforts for this season can be read at http://mortystv.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t...der=asc&start=0

I for one would not put myself in the same league as GaYToR, who had a style and wit and charm in coordinating all things Survivor ... his choice to leave us was a real hole in these undertakings, and I do not think people would have "stepped up" as they did if not for their loyalty to him. Loyalty is a sure sign of respect. My brief stint as "hole filler" was a pleasure to be sure, but I knew filling those great shoes would be impossible, (especially since I don't wear them :wink: )!

There are no words to do justice to GaYToR's committment except to have completed the task ... the most fitting tribute of all, and one I hope he sees in that light!

He has been very missed ...

Bravo to everyone who played any role in the Survivor Segments as fans, coordinators, writer's, or in any other capacity.

Another year in the can! ... and for me ... that is a wrap! :wink:

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