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Week 11 - BBFM Is On The Air!

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On Day 76, housemates began there 12th weekly shopping task, BBFM radio, a series of talk shows show in which housemates must keep the entertainment going at all times with no dead time.
The Housemates competed in the final Family Dinner challenge and passed, winning a gourmet feast for the night.
The housemates competed in the final Big Brother Showdown, with Tim winning the season Championship (his third Showdown win), $5000 and a night in the Presidential Suite with the housemate of his choice. He chose to take Ed.

On Day 74, nominations took place and Boog, Mikkayla and Tahan received the most points and were nominated for eviction. This week there was no save ability and the voting lines opened.

On day 80, Mikkayla became the twelfth housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother House


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How so?


Who hopes you have been enjoying the season and our coverage...

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