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Week 10 - Australia Beats Rocks, Paper AND Scissors

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On Day 69, housemates began there eleventh weekly shopping task, 'Rock, Paper, Scissors'. To pass the task housemates were divided into the separate teams, to pass the task no two teams can occupy the same area of the Big Brother house. If they do enter the same area of the house the rules of rock, paper, scissor come into play e.g. if scissors are in the kitchen and rock comes in scissor must leave the kitchen area immediately.

On Day 71, housemates Ben and Madaline were called to the diary room for this weeks family dinner game 'Animal Instinct', they were playing for wither a Mega BBQ or nothing. Madaline was blinf folded while Ben put on different animal outfits and it was up to Madaline to guess what animal Ben was by asking Yes/No questions. They passed the task gaining a Mega BBQ.

On Day 67, nominations took place and Ben, Drew, Ed, Tahan, Tim received the most nominations and were put up for eviction. This week there was be no save ability and the voting lines were open all week.

On Day 70, the housemates voted in front of Intruders Madeline and Boog to keep Madeline and send Boog home. However, Australia voted to send Madeline home and keep Boog. Nathan then voluntary decided to leave the Big Brother house, giving his housemate status to Madaline. This was the first time a BB housemate gave up their spot in the house for another.

On Day 73, in a surprise result, Ben was evicted from the big brother house.


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