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Week Eight - Twisted Sisters

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On Day 51, housemates commenced their eighth weekly shopping task, the task was called 'Big Brothers Big Car Wash'. In this task, random cars would appear in a makeshift car washing area for housemates to clean to a satisfactory manner. Cars that appeared included a Lamborghini Gallardo, a 1961 Cadillac de Ville, a Mitsubishi Pajero and a Ford Model T . Ben also had special powers during this weeks shopping task like choosing which housemates get hard jobs and less time to clean them in and which housemates get easy jobs with more time to clean them in.

On Day 52, Tully and Mikkayla was called to the Diary room to try and win gourmet food items for the night weekly shopping task or get stuck with the booby prize. The task was Education and they were tested on the many different parts of the human body on the test patients (Ed) body, by painting the area in which they believe it to be. They won the gourmet ingredients for the family dinner that night by answering 6 out of the 9 questions correctly.

On Day 53, After determining there was a lack of attention to detailing, housemates failed the shopping task and thus only received a basic food supply for the next week ($5 per head).

Only 4 nominees are placed up for eviction ,and instead of the winner of Showdown receiving the 'Save and Replace Ability', they only had the 'Save Ability' which means that only three housemates faced the public vote.

On Day 51, Mikkayla was given her first strike, after she accidentally revealed a comment about nominations to Katie & Lucy.

On Day 53, Katie & Lucy were punished for being more than 3 meters apart from each other, and their punishment was to hold hands with each other until further notice.

On Day 51, Jade, Katie & Lucy, Tahan, Tully. Received the most nominations and were therefore put up for eviction.

On Day 52, after winning Showdown, Tim won the Save Ability and chose to save Jade from the week's nominations. Katie & Lucy, Tahan and Tully were still up for eviction.

On Day 57, Tully became the eighth housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother House. In an unusual move by BB, Drew taped a personal message for her in case she was evicted.


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I was personally glad to see Tully go. Such a dominating drama queen. Not my type of gal. I think she hurt Drew's game as well. Personally, I think Ben is set to win but I do think the honor belongs to Tim. He is playing the game, is very uncanny in his ability to determine who is leaving, and his performances in the challenges shows that he is a true competitor. I would love to see him compete in BBUSA.

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I think she helped Drew's game. It's Tim that is dragging Drew down. Turns him into a buffoon. Tully made him a sensitive, tolerant, even tempered man, earned him a lot more votes to save.


Who agrees Ben is the most naturally himself of the housemates, unless he's the best actor I've ever seen, and especially with his reaction to Boog entering the house today, has really come a long way towards opening up and developing his social skills...

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