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McRae - Week 12 (Nominated) - Evicted (Sep. 12) - Juror #8

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I don't think so - but I do think the media will focus on the pushy and slacker rather than all of the truly good people in this country working hard, paying it forward and just trying to make a go of it - way more drama to showcase with people like McCranda - especially Amanda - after all, antics like hers drum up way more controversy and better ratings than say, someone living a simple honest life - just because we don't hear about them that often does not mean they do not exist - unfortunately, in my opinion too many people are exposed only to what the media shows us and assumes that in order to be famous, in order to be rich, in order to be whatever it is they are tying to be, the way to do it is to be just like the Amandas and the Aaryns and the Spencers of the world -

there are good role models out there, its just that the media does not see them as entertaining or ratings gold - and just because people are too lazy to look around and actually notice them instead of relying on what the media deems relevant is what is really sad -

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No way. Look how cute they are!


OMG! I can't imagine Amanda and McCrae together in real life...she's SUCH a pushy BIOTCH and he's the original SLACKER!! :karatelou:

Now I thought Rachel was a piece of work, :maleficent: but Amanda makes her look like June Cleaver!!!

I just wanna know is this the direction of our coming generation(s)...pushy broads with NO morales :donatello: and slacker guys with NO BACKBONE!! :crybaby: We're in a HEAP of trouble!!!! :cry:


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