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Week Five - The Gambling Man

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On Day 31, housemates participated in the fifth weekly Showdown, of which Tim was the winner. As a reward for winning, Tim won the save and replace ability (see Nominations) and a night in the Presidential Suite with Drew, the housemate of his choice. Tim used this opportunity to plant seeds of doubt about Tully and Jade with Drew.

On Day 32, housemates begin a series of BB Game Shows as part of this week's Shopping Task.


On Day 34, Surly the Fish offers Jade some relationship advice, to play hard to get with Ed.

On Day 30, housemates nominated. Caleb, Ed, Jade, Mikkayla, Tahan and Tully received the most nomination points and faced eviction this week.

On Day 31, after winning Showdown this week, Tim used his 'save and replace' power to save Mikkayla and nominate himself in her place.

On Day 36, in a shocking vote to evict, Caleb was the fifth housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother House. He chose to give his best mate Matt the Nomination Superpower.

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