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this is the part of the game that i didn't know if i would like. hgs are not allowed to talk about noms with each other, so it takes away the conspiring with each other. the nom ceremony was great! all the hg go into a room and 1 by 1 step into a sound proof glass box and have 5 pts to nom 2 hg. (3 pts joe, 2 pts bill) and the reasons why. if you don't give good reasons, you could find yourself nommed.

bb has a sense of humor but is very strict, which i really like. its been a really entertaining show so far.

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BB doesn't let them get away with weak reasons. And you can't wear hats either. What people have to understand about most other BBs is that the game is not confrontational or adversarial. With the Australian public voting, they are looking for housemates who are entertaining and who show personal growth during the game. After Season one, CBS bought the rights to BB in the USA and retooled it to be more cut throat like Survivor, deciding that was more the American appetite. In their innaugural season, BB Canada took much the same approach while working in many features and twists from their European and Australian counterparts.


Who is glad you are enjoying this season and welcomes any coverage suggestions you might have...

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