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Week One - A House Divided

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Mikkayla, Xavier, Tahan, Tully, Matthew and Caleb entered the Halfway House on Day 0.
Ben, Tim, Sharon, Ed, Heidi and Jasmin entered the Safe House on Day 0.
Drew and Jade entered the Safe House on Day 1.

On Day 0, Tahan decided to cross the divide between the two houses; as a result, she had to return all of her clothes to Big Brother where they were kept for 24 hours. As Caleb got half way across the divide, he had to return half of his clothes to Big Brother where they were also kept for 24 hours. When their suitcases were returned, they were empty. On Day 3, their clothes were finally returned to them after Heidi succeeded in her secret task.

On Day 2, housemates started their first weekly shopping task; 'Find Your Other Half'. In this task, housemates had to find the housemate that they would most like to be stranded on a deserted island with and find out as much information as possible about them. Drew and Jade were automatically paired up together as a 'Married Couple'. Halfway House housemates were allowed to enter the Safe House to take part in this task. On Day 3, housemates took part in a quiz about their other half. Later that day, housemates passed the task and as a result won a luxury shopping budget of $425 for the week.

On Day 3, Ben and Jasmin had to correctly predict whether certain items would float or sink when they were put in water. As they failed this task, they won basic ingredients for this week's family dinner as oppose to luxury ingredients. Also on Day 3, Heidi was given a secret task by Surly. She had to wear a shirt saying "Nominate me, I dare you." and pretend that it's her own shirt. She passed this task and as a reward, Caleb and Tahan received their clothes that had been previously removed as punishment.

On Day 5, Housemates took part in their first Showdown. Matthew won this and was rewarded with $5,000, the first nominations superpower, and a night in the Presidential Suite with the housemate of his choice. He chose Caleb to join him in the Presidential Suite.

On Day 0, before the housemates entered the house, they had to choose one of twelve keys which would decide where they would live. Half of the keys led to the Safe House; the other half led to the Halfway House. The housemates living in the Safe House were treated to luxurious accommodation and privileges, whilst those living in the Halfway House were not.

On Day 1, new housemates Drew and Jade found out that they would have to pretend to be a married couple for the first week of the season. If they fool their fellow housemates for a week then they will be immune from the first eviction, but if they are unsuccessful they will both automatically face eviction.


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A good first week. Some really funny stuff. I like the cast so far, no major drama yet but I'm sure it's coming. I'm still don't know how everything works or what you need to do to play the game but I'll learn as the show goes on. I gotta say, production does a great job with the show.

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Tim is the only one playing for attention. We'll find out Monday how that plays in the Outback. The Australian Public votes to evict, so the game has 2 stages. First, you try to stay off your fellow housemates' nomination radar, and second, you try to win the support of 23 million Australians. Easy, right? You just don't know whether the public will reward villainy, personal growth, entertainment, breakdowns, looks, romance or what. Although, traditionally, the public rewards personal growth, positive attitude and entertainment value. But fakeness, not so much.


Who recalls the precious season when BB had the housemates convinced for nearly a week, after a "technical snafu", that they were competing against a second BB House for the right to continue in the game as the real BB house...

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