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April 9 [Tuesday] Live Feed Updates

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For LynLyn:

11:00 BBT: Jillian, Emmett and Peter are in the HOH room. Talking about Alec would cut Topaz over Jillian earlier in the game.

11:11PM BBT Talla enters the HOH room with Emmett, Jillian, and Peter and to eavesdrop starts singing, BB tells her to stop.

11:23PM BBT Andrew, Talla and Emmett are in the Hot tub. Talla tells the guys that she went the HOH eavesdrop on Jillian & Peter.

11:35PM BBT Jillian joins the hot tub with Andrew, Talla and Emmett.

11:44PM BBT Jillan tells them she thinks BB will hold more physical & cooler competitions, now that there are less people

11:47PM BBT Talla says they need to think about a potential double eviction this week (which is true)

11:50PM BBT Andrew changes the subject and start talking about what they would when they get home. He will go home, close the door, shut the blinds and lay naked in is room because there are no cameras.

11:52PM BBT Jillian says she would run naked down her neighborhood. (and she was worried about how her snogging with Emmett would look for a teacher).

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