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Angelo Joe

9/16 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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8:03pm :dan says come wednesday night you will either win 50k or stipen. dani says oh shit. dan says what do you think your chances are him taking you. dani says none you two are close.

8:06pm :bb tells dan to not onstruct his mic. ian is now going through the house looking for dan and dani.

8:07pm ian walks into the sbr where dan and dani are he ask them what are you doing reading the letters again? dan says yeah. ian says what are you doing he says nothing. dan says i am gonna nap till showtime.

8:10pm ian lays down on his bed. dani gets up and goes to the wc. ian saying that dani is crazy. he says maybe i shouldnt get married and dan laughs.now they are talking about jury votes. dan says shane aint gonna listen to her he got scoulded by a girl.

8:13pm ian says he asked dani what her stratagie was for final 3 comp. and dani said she had none. dan says good move no stratay for 2012 final 3 comp.

8:14pm dan says dani will beat both of them in the final 2 that even joe loved dani. ian says no shit everyone did and it will be a 5-2 vote for sure for sure.

8:16pm :dan asking ian what dani said when she was yelling yesterday. ian says oh she was saying if i took you (dan) that she will make sure i didnt get shanes vote or anyone elses. dan says you better not take her. ian says i aint. dan says you better not.

8:19pm dan skijng if there is anything dani can do to help her case? ian says no the minute they said 6:04 it was over.

8:26pm dan just took a shoe off the shelf and bb is yelling at him saying dan stop that. dan says they are size 12 shoes.

8:32pm ian says dani is a nice girl but she is a sore loser he says final 3 is suposed to be happy but it isnt this time.

8:40pm dani is now out of the dr goes to the sr fixes herself a drink. then gets a snack. she is now going back in the dr. she now comes back out of the dr and is sitting on the arm of the couch.

8:47pm :ian and dan laying in sbr just general chat about laws and politics.

8:54pm ian and dan i9n sbr laying in bed talking about past final 2 comps and fianle shows.

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