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Angelo Joe

9/1 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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4:41 PM BBT

Dan walking around in HOH shower room. "Turn the house around, get myself off the block. Win the veto" He's wearing the veto.

"Don't you tell anyone about our final two deal, ever. Don't you tell anyone that is crucial." he tells Ian.

4:44 PM BBT

Dan holds veto up to the camera, "Finally, proof that there is a fricken God in this game." he shakes it in his hand.

He asks if the showers are free downstairs. Ian is taking too long. Dan is pacing the HOH room WCA in his underwear and POV necklace waiting to wash off.

Frank out of the shower. He's trying to put his underwear on and the camera zooms in on him. "Are you zooming in on my right now?" he asks.

4:49 PM BBT

Jenn sitting in WCA waiting for her turn in the shower. Danielle and Shane are in them now. Jenn thanks Mercedes for her boy shorts that worked out good. She jokes, "One New Yorker, out of the house."

Shane says the game was a crap shoot. It was physical but you also had to had a good memory.

Dan in HOH shower now with Ian at the sink.

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5:01 PM BBT

"I wish it was a fast forward and I could find out if I'm going home tomorrow." says Frank.

"Maybe it will be." says Shane. Franks feet hurt from standing on the hot corn sacks they were standing on. They were hot.

Jenn talking to Frank in the SR.

J: I don't know what he's got going on upstairs with Ian but I asked him for help right before.

F: I know I talked to him right before we went out. I said the best thing to happen would be for him to win it and use it on you then Joe would have to go up.

J: Yeah I know but he's got me scared.

F: What worries me is if he puts Shane or Danielle up.

J: But then he'd be going against his deal with them.

F: The best thing is for him to use it on you.

They go back and forth a fair bit over what may or may not happen. Frank said that he and Dan had a little conversation about going to the final two together and he'd throw this one to him. Jenn says, that's what it looked like what happened. Frank says not really but I can play it that way. He wants to go talk to Dan.

5:11 PM BBT

Dan and Ian talking up in HOH. Dan saying he is thinking about using his veto on Jenn, she did use on him. What does Ian think?

Ian thinks it's ok, if that's something he needs to do he'd prefer that Dan didn't. Dan asks if everything is ok then, he (Ian) is not completely against it then, he has until Monday to think and talk about it.

Danielle and Frank talking at KT table. Frank hates getting that close and being unable to pull it off.

Dan and Frank talkiing in arcade room. Frank asks Dan what's up. Dan says the plan is still ok. He talked to Ian a bit already, that he could use it on Jenn. Dan asks Frank if he's sure that Ian will put up Joe in his place. Frank is. "You're ok man." Dan tells him he's still got time to talk to Ian.

Joe and Shane sort out that this week, it takes two votes to tie and then the vote goes to Ian.

5:16 PM BBT

Dan and Danielle talking about what Dan should do, use it on Jenn? He wants to get her opinion on it. She's ok (ish) with using it on Jenn but not Frank right? "Oh he knows I'm not using it on him. Absolutely not using it on him." Dan whispers.

5:21 PM BBT

Frank and Jenn talking. They think that Dan might not be so true to them after all and that his game might be better with only one of them here. Jenn has heard about floaters not deserving stuff from him and Frank has heard about being too much a competitor. They'll just have to keep positive and hope for the best.

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5:27 PM BBT

The guys sit around the KT table and chat. Shane polishing his running shoes. Dan eating a bowl of cereal. Joe staring at him. Up in HOH Ian is pacing and clicking/snapping his fingers. The guys downstairs tease Dan about being safe this week. "At least I finally won one." he laughs.

Ian heads downstairs holding the monkey and laughing. "Hey mini-wizard, I mean wizard assistant." Shane says. Ian torments Danielle with the monkey./ dan asks if he can talk to him upstairs in HOH.

D: Weve got to talk this stuff out

I: I've got time/

D: you're assuming I don't like to assume if I don't use everything stays the same and we can do whatever we want so what will do you.

I: Get rid of Frank. Jenn stays, Frank goes and Joe stays unpissed off at us.

D: Quack Pack?

I: Well it would be you and me

D: I can go to Joe and say Ian told me that if I don't use the veto I'm safe next week so if I don't use the veto I want you to promise me you won't put me up next week.

I: Joe probably won't put me up

D: Let's assume the worst.

other option is we take Jenn down and put Joe up.

I: There's no other option available

D: I use the spiel that I owed her one.

I: But then Joe is pissed at you and pissed at me. Third option, I take Frank down.

I: Joe goes up. I can say "Dan you defied my trust again."

D: That's the least likely to happen though. Wouldn't you say?

I: Yes, I can do the same speech.

They decide that no matter what, Ian has to act like he's pissed off at Dan.

I: If we keep them the same what do you think she would do?

D: She'd be angry at me if i didn't use it.

I: We'd be stick with her next week anyways, might as well make it look good.

D: What about Joe?

I: We have to tell him that he's not the target. He knows that.

Dan asks Ian how many weeks we've had Frank up without a POV to save him? Ian says too many. Dan calculates that they've got the votes to make sur Frank goes.

Danielle and Jenn talking in arcade room. Danielle is telling Jenn that Dan is up there trying to convince Ian that using the veto on Jenn would be best.

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5:43 PM BBT

Shane up in HOH room now with Ian and Dan. "We haven't had a knock at him, a chance to get him out since Janelle and the field of veto." says Ian. "we won't have time to do this again." Shane says he'll vote with them. Do they want him to tell Frank? He thinks that he knows that he's going home. Yes, Ian says he knows that if it is used on Jenn that he is going home. Shane asks if they are going up - 100% not going up right? "I don't mind going up if I'm a pawn" says Shane "That's not a bad idea. It will keep Joe from being pissed off." says Ian "You aren't worried? Not against Frank!"

Shane isn't worried about Joe at all, he's still got to win an HOH.

5:48 PM BBT

Ian says he put Joe's key third so he would think that he was above Dan. Shane says that Frank thinks Dan might be a replacement nom because of that key. "That's what I wanted," They wonder if they should make Jenn promise to vote with Ian but decide against it - why waste a favour?

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5:56 PM BBT

Ian and Dan wondering how much of a threat Shane will be going forward. Would he have won today's challenge?

Dan says in simplisitc terms. If I use this on Jenn, at least we won't be put up together. At least, I hope not, I'll work on Jenn, you work on Joe.

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6:00PM BBT: Dan and Jenn are in the arcade room talking. Dan says that she is safe and doesn't want her to go home. Dan asks what Jenn would do if he took her down, and if Danielle got put up, and she says that she'd vote Frank out.

6:07PM BBT: Dan: Say Joe goes up, what do you think you would do? Jenn: Vote Joe out. Dan says he wouldn't care if Shane went up on the block. Jenn says that the next few HoH's are important. Jenn and Dan agree that Ian has to go, and that they have no problem putting him up or evicting him.

6:09PM BBT: Dan says that he, Jenn and Danielle pretty much controls what happens now. Jenn thinks that Joe would put up Dan and Ian if Joe were to win HoH.

6:15PM BBT: Joe and Ian talking in the HoH room. They're talking about Ian's 9/11 comment, and how Jenn took it completely out of context, and how that could be the only reason why Jenn is mad at Ian. Joe says that Jenn is the only person who he thinks that is gunning for Ian. Joe and Ian can see Dan trying to take out Danielle next week.

6:17PM BBT: Joe has admitted that he's playing for second, and that the money will help pay for his second mortgage. Ian thinks Dan will be hard-pressed to win the jury votes. Joe says that if he came out second, it would have surpassed expectations.

6:19PM BBT: Dan doesn't know if he should say if he's using the veto or not until the ceremony. Dan is grateful for what Jenn did last week, and will be paying her back for it for the rest of the game.

6:24PM BBT: Ian talking about the schedule of this week, and about production and we get FotH.

6:31PM BBT: Feeds are back, and show Ian rocking in a chair at the kitchen table, and a sleepy Dan in the SBR.

6:40PM BBT: Danielle and Shane in the WA. Danielle heads upstairs and whacks the monkey on the floor outside the HoH door. She tries to tie him to the railing, but ends up dropping the monkey from the seconds floor. She goes into the HoH room to get some M&M's. Joe is listening to music.

6:43PM BBT: Dan has taken Mr. Monkey to bed. Danielle comes in to try to steal him. Danielle and Dan are whispering, and it's hard to hear. Dan asks her if she told Jenn what he said to her, and she says no, that she told her what Shane said to her.

6:45PM BBT: Danielle hates the monkey, and wants to take the monkey with her. Dan says he likes the monkey, and is going to pretend it's Chelsea. Danielle leaves, and Frank sneaks into the room, presumably when Danielle left the other room. Dan says Ian pretty much said that he would put Joe up if the veto was used.

6:56PM BBT: In the kitchen, talk is about the veto. Danielle says that she almost ran up the ramp with her own name instead of Janelle because of the -elle in their names. It's sounding more and more as though the POV was OTEV.

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7:00PM BBT: Ian, Danielle, and Shane are sitting at the kitchen table playing with the toys, and Frank and Joe are looking through the fridge. Jenn is in the WA doing make-up.

7:05PM BBT: Ian telling Shane a story about problems with their home renovation.

7:10PM BBT: Shane talking about how he was tearing down a ceiling once, and found a hive. They called a bee specialist and they recovered all the honeycombs and bees. Ian tells a story of how he found out he was allergic. His grandparents had a hive in their mailbox and Ian went to get the mail. They had to take him to the hospital because he swelled right up. Ian says they have epi-pens in the DR, but he would have to BOLT to get one, and how long it'd take if they were on LD. A bee had landed on his shoulder during the HoH comp, and then they sprayed them again, and he saw the dead bee on the ground.

7:20PM BBT: Jenn has made her way to the SBR and lays there silently. Ian, Shane, Joe and Frank are sitting at the kitchen table talking about movies.

7:30PM BBT: Talk in the kitchen has changed to music now. Other two feeds show Dan and Jenn sleeping.

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7:31BBT Shane says he has to quit playing with the blocks, what he made was supposed to be a castle with a flag, but the flag is odd.

Ian and Shane leave the room and Joe tells Frank that it sounds like there will not be any movement, like Dan wont use POV. Frank asks if he thinks they can get Dani vote. Joe says he hasnt talked to her yet.

Frank goes to Shane and asks if he can get Dani vote. Shane we have to wait it out till after the ceremony. Frank wants a FF, get this over with.

Frank says Ian doesnt realize that every body wants him out. Shane feels he let Frank and Jenn down for not winning HOH but he couldnt hold on anymore. Shane says it would be nice if the meeting was tonight.

Talk turns to food again. Shane and Frank havent eaten this bad in 2 years. Frank's cheat food is Pappa John's take home pizza. He explains it to Shane. They make up the pizza with what you want on it, they wrap it up on a tin for you to cook it on and include the cooking directions.

Frank goes on to describe Cold Stone Ice Cream. They take your scoop of ice cream, put it on a cold slab of marble and using paddles they mix your toppings into it.

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Shane and Frank talk working out. Shane says he will be a string bean but he doesnt want to look like Jesse. Frank says his pops is big like that only he is 6'8" Frank has the physic of his mom.

7:59pm BBT Joe is done cooking, its his nap time now. Ian eating, Frank and Shane still discussing working out. Dan sleeping, last time I saw Jenn she was sleeping too.

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8:05PM BBT - BB woke Dan up to go to DR.

8:08PM BBT - Frank and Shane join Ian in the KT. General chit chat.

8:12PM BBT - Ian sneaking up on Dani, who is sleeping in the arcade room. He puts a "creepy" monkey beside her and tiptoes back out. Apparently, Dani hates that monkey. He tells Dan about it when Dan is out of the DR.

Ian discussing the stuff from his HOH basket that he will share with the house. Shane tells him he is under no obligation to share. Jenn comes in the KT and asks about Badger and Snakey - they are apparently on the block and Big Ted is HOH. These stuffed animals appear to be in the LR, on the couches.

8:17PM BBT - Cams 3 and 4 are on Dani in the arcade room.

8:30PM BBT - Still general chit chat in the KT.

8:31PM BBT - BY just opened and the HG's remarked about something cool in the BY, but the feeds are not showing the BY so we cannot see what is cool. Shane and Jenn start cleaning up the BY. Joe comes out to help.

8:34PM BBT - Dani woke up and saw the monkey. She grabs it, shakes it and yells "This stupid monkey! I'm gonna break it's head off!" She then carries it outisde and puts it in the grill. Shane chuckling behind her.

Joe and Jenn folding laundry. Dani meandering for something for dinner. Shane doing dishes. Dan eating at the kitchen table. Ian comes in, Shane tells him Dani woke up and there is food for him on the grill. He adds that Dani might've turned it on. Ian says ewwww and goes to check. He rescues the monkey and takes him inside.

Dan once again called to the DR.


8:41PM BBT - Nothing has changed, except everyone humming or singing, causing intermittent WBRB.

8:44PM BBT - Frank and Jenn in SR, Frank talked to Joe and he doesn't think the veto will be used.

8:51PM BBT - Jenn and Dani playing with Ian's toys at the KT. Frank watching. Shane playing cornhole, Joe's feet in the HT, Ian on the hammock. Dan still in DR.

8:55PM BBT - Dani joins Joe in the HT. Joe tells her about what happened after the POV today.

8:57PM BBT - Shane joins the HT. Joe is speculating that Dan is selling "take me to the F2 cause no one will give me the money". He thinks Dan is trying to sell Jenn that in case Frank leaves Thursday. Shane says Jenn stepped her game up. Joe says Ian is on board with him, Ian, Shane and Dani being F4. Shane says playing week to week sucks, and they will have to wait and see what happens after the meeting.

Joe doesn't think Dan will use the veto.

Frank by himself at KT playing with legos.

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