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Angelo Joe

8/26 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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3:49 PM BBT

Britney and Danielle in a direction tug of war. Britney wants to go to her perch. Danielle wants to go get her glasses. Frank is helping Britney drag Danielle across the floor.

Britney agrees to let Danielle get her glasses. Only because she doesn't want to spill her coffee. "Side note, we only woke up here two hours ago, for the day!" Britney says.

3:55 PM BBT

Britney trying to get Ian to allow her to Nair a back patch of hair he has. She tells him it's the perfect place for an ice pack too. He's not into it. Ian shaving btw.

Britney asking where Bangladesh is. "China" says Danielle "Turkey, Russia, Indonesia"

"It's it's own country Danielle..." Britney points out.

Ian clarifies that it's near Pakistan.

"The live feeders are going to be pissed." Points out Britney as Shane says there's nothing to do.

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4:15 PM BBT

Britney is 1/16 Cherokee Indian. She has Native American tags for hunting. Hunting tags are free if you are a veteran. Danielle has a military ID.

4:17 PM BBT

Jenn now up and has joined them in the Sneaker Room. Shane asleep. They all discuss plates, tags, insurance, which state they have what in. Britney's DVR will be so packed when she goes home.

They (mostly Britney) are just spitting out random stuff to pass the time. Nothing game, nothing interesting.

We've got a close up of the DR door and now TRIVIA?

4:25 PM BBT

We learn that Dan is out of HNR. Dan out of HNR. Frank tells us he is in the WC. Brit says it didn't smell so good in there.

Dan on feeds brushing his teeth.


4:28 PM BBT

Dani comes to see him "You ok? You sick?" "I don't know, my head's not right." Dan replies "You mean, like mentally?" Danielle asks.

"I've just got to get outside." Dan says.

He comes to the KT where Joe and the others are discussing slop cookies. They ask how he is and he says "Still not right" They all apologize, "Sorry Dan" He goes to lay on the lounge with a towel over his head.

4:33 PM BBT

Danielle checking Dan's vitals. "Do you feel short of breath?" She comes and says she needs in the DR right now. Right now!

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4:39 PM BBT

Dan having a panic attack. He's telling Dani the walls are closing in and he has to get outside. Dan was throwing up in the HNR it smells like puke according to Joe and Frank. We had a brief WBRB and then can't see the lounge any more.

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4:35 BBT I believe Dan is faking his panic attack. When Danielle went to the DR, he peeked out from under his towel and smiled and winked at the camera. I guess he came up with a plan to get sympathy in his 24 hour solitary.

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4:45 PM BBT

Everyone very worried about Dan. Danielle says he's having a panic attack. Joe continues to make dinner. Danielle found Dan in the BR, holding his toothbrush and passing out over the sink.

[There was apparently a wink and a smile made by Dan at the camera's when no one was in there with him but I missed it - ZuZu]

4:49 PM BBT

The HGs talk about all of the reasons that this might have happened to Dan. He was missing Chelsea, the lights made him sick. His blood pressure was low. Joe says they'll probably give Dan an IV and Oxygen and he'll be fine.

4:52 PM BBT

Joe says that slop cookies are ready for Jenn. Ian's rocking is a little more agitated than normal. Brit gone to WC. Shane sitting at table rubbing head and eyes. Camera zooms in on his crucifix. Ian leaves, Jenn comes back. General chit chat.

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4:28 BBT [Checked flashbacks] - Dan in the storage room - looks at the camera and mouths "I'm fine," and gives a thumbs up to the camera and makes a "safe" motion with hands. Obviously faking it.

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5:05pm Frank telling dani to not take dans condition personally. Dani says but i do take it personally, i feel bad and i cant help but think is he mad at me?

5:10pm brit , frank, dani, and shane in lvr. dani says i just feel bad and i feel like this is allmmy fault that dan is this way right now. brit says no it isnt your fault dont feel that way.frank says i know it suckls when you are in this position but you get through it it does suck.

5:14pm Frank tells dani that everyone sympathizes with her anyways.

5:15pm ian whispers to joe and jenn that he is physically over dan and starts rocking again.

5:18pm dani comes out of dr and says that was some crazy shit in there did ya'll see it ? the lights and when you come out it is nuts i just kept seeing lights. i am going to get a shower i will be right back. dan heads to shower now.

5:27pm Ian is sitting in the wa watching dan get a shower .Ian says dan checking on him. dani is breathing hard and hanging his head down. dani comes out of wc and is washing her hands. she looks in dans direction. dan comes out of shower and says i am fine and starts brusjing his teeth again.

5:28pm dan in wa by himself puts on mic and smiles in the mirror.

5:30pm dan now shaving and smiling in the mirror as he watches out the corner of his eye for anyone to walk in the wa.

5:36pm dan waiting in the wa for someone to walk in and find him leaning over the sink with his head down.all other hg in lr talking about space and jetpacks and if anyone has ever been lost in space. frank says not in space but on the way to space.brit asking if they fart in their spacesuit can they smell it? frank says they have oxygen. she says thats what they need to give the zingbot is oxygen.

5:39pm dani goes to wa and asked dan if he wants to lay down now he says he wants to stay in the wa. she says you dont have to talk lets just go lay down in the arcade he says he needs ice water she says i will get you some just come lay down. dan says in just a minute. danio leaves him to go fix him icewater

5:42pm daqn goes to the crane rm and lays down then gets a drink of water he is just laying there staring dani just sitting and watching him.

5:43pm Dan just asked dani if he can be by himslef for a little bit she says yeah i just didnt know if you wanted to be alone or not as she leaves she ask do you want the door left open he says yeah. after dani leaves he raises his head and smiles. now is laying there rolling his eyes at the hg laughing in the lr.

5:47pm frank goes in to check on dan , dan says i just need to chill. he says that was some weird stuff in there and now i still have flash of lights at times. frank says yeah lights will mess with you. dan says i am feeling better now and thanks for checking in on me . brit comes in and ask him if he wasts an eye mask his eyes look a little puffy. he says no i will be ok.

5: 49pm brit says we tried to check on you lastnight but you didnt answer us. he says that light was bad and i went to sleep and layed there alot. brit says you want a cold rag? he says no i will be ok. brit says you want some clean clothes he says i will get them later she says i will go get em he says ok if you dont mind.

5:51pm dan talking with a rasppy voice sayingh it was just hard in there. frank says yeah i just cant imagine them lights in there. dan says there was a pattern to the lights then when i would get used to it then it would change and i messed with my head i think.

5:56pm dan says that it wasnt being alone in that room i just never felt that way mentally. frank says you need some outside time that would help you.

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6:02pm Ian and brit sitting in cr watching dan and really worried about him. dan says think we will get outside? brit says yeah after that party thats going on is over. ian says yeah we will get back out tonight.

6:04pm dan tells brit he wantys everyone to talk together tonight no game stuff just talking.dani in wa talking to jenn about how dan asked her to leave the room but everyone else is in there.

6:10pm :Brit leaves cr and goes to wa where dani is she says dan wont even talk to me and i have this bad feeling that i am the cause of this. brit says dani how are you a cause of this? she says i dont know. brit says he is talking now and he said he wants everyone together just to talk and no game talk he wants to enjoy his last few days here.

6:17pm dani, shane and brit talking about if jenn will use the veto or not. dani doesnt want her to use it she says just leave it alone i will stay on the block. brit says there is no way we will vote you out dani . dan already won a half a million once he will leave, there is no way i would vote you out.

6: 25pm brit goes to hoh and says i just want you both to know that no matrewr what shaner and i are not voting out dani she will not leave this house. jenn says no no no she wont leave..

6:32pm dan leaves the cr and goes to the mbr to get a shirt he then sprays it with something then waves it arounf and inspects it. shane and dani in wa shane asking dani if she has a deal with the girls she says no. shane says i dont care if you do. shane says you just need to stay strong ok.

6:36pm dan goes to kt and gets food to eat. he ask joe hve you ever had anything like that happen to you? joe says no i havent.

6:40pm Joe is in the kt making dinner . ian and brit go to mbr brit tells ian they need assurance that you arent going to use veto and ian heads upstairs.

6:42pm Ian confirms he isnt using the pov he says i asume you arent using yours either jenn says no i am not using mine. she says i aint either.

6:51pm dan back in cr laying down. brit, shane, dani and ian in wa. brit says omg everyone is in a weird mood today and we get foth.

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7:10 PM BBT

Jenn giving Shane a shoulder massage, "perfect, Perfect, Right on, right on there, perfect, perfect." is all Ian is capable of. They are at the KT table.

7:12 PM BBT

Britney doesn't wash the sweat shirt she's wearing right now because it smells like her husband. She's sorry if that is gross. "Thats f-ing gross" jokes Joe.

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7:17 PM BBT

Shane plucking his nose hair. Danielle wants to pop his zits.

Ian, Frank, Joe, Jenn and Britney talking about chasing girls. Joe says he was at a camp with his brother Ricky and his brother had a girl in her tent. He heard the girl yell out, "What kind of girl do you think I am?" "Not the kind of girl I hoped you were!" was the response from his brother. Everyone laughs. More stories are being shared about the now married and tamed Ricky.

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7:31 PM BBT

Burgers for dinner. Dan joins them. Britney says having meals makes everything seem nice in the house. In season 12 she survived on Nachos and Luncheon meat.

Dan drinking water and eating his slop burger like it's the first meal he's had in years. Playing it up - but not too much. Just quiet.

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7:40 PM BBT

Dan wants a house meeting after dinner.

Britney continually hastagging everything in her speech. #thanksIwill #chefjoe #levonmowtheyard

"Did Britney just say hashtag like 15 times or am I losing my mind?" says Frank

"we're pretending we're tweeting.

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7:48 PM BBT

Frank goes in to talk to Dan in Sneaker room. He's there for Dan if he wants to talk at anytime etc. Dan is calling a house meeting in a few minutes. He's collecting his emotions before he does it.

Dan is going to sit beside Dani so he knows she's ok. Everyone sitting in the LR on the couch waiting for Dan. He's in sneaker room practicing what he's going to say.

7:51 PM BBT

He's whispering - can't hear what he is saying. Here we go.....

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7:51 PM BBT

Alright number one rule is no crying, please don't cry. Obviously the last 24 hours for me werepretty tough. When I walked out of there and I saw you all sitting there it made my world.

You know I like to have fun, I'm dressed all in black because this is my Big Brother funeral. In a typical funeral you would say nice things about me. I wan

Joe - you taught me good things baout how to be a good potential husband, good potential father, mad love turkey burgers. To walk in here and see an

Shane - Showed me there really is a Capain America. We talked about girls and some personal stuff and I just wanted you to know that you're a good guy, the kind of guy I'd want to date my sister. When you get out of here there will be a girl you won't even see her coming. I appreciate our friendship.

JennCity - You're the first lesbian I ever met. I admit I was predjuduce, with people with tattoos I would never in my life have guessed how predjudice I was. You taught me some things and helped me get past some predjudices I never knew I had. I want to thank you for things you didn't know and for opening my eyes.

Britney - Newlyweds in the house. I know at first we didn't reust each other and whatever and know we do and I think the world of you, other people in the house I think so too. Thank you for understanding all the stuff with me a newlywed faces.

Ian (Dan is in tears) - When I first saw you in this game i thought you might be a little evil guy. Everyone in this room knows you don't have a bad bone in your body. The more and mroe I was around you the more and more you remind me of myself. You love this house you singlehandedly made this game for me. Although I don't have the SAT scores as you our brains work the same we like to mess around and hane fun. Whe all is said and done you'll remember the good times. I want you to promise me though that when I'm gone you won't beat yourself up we talked about that youre a sweet funny kid and everyone likes you stop that.

Frank - Man in the carrot suit. When I heard your story and how you got on here I was motivated. In this game no matter that happens you will always be my arch enemy. You have played this all out an fought ahrd I respect that. There are things I said in the DR or in private and things I didn't mean to.There is something written upstairs that I would like to show you and to talk to you privately about. Things I said I'm not proud of.

Danielle - please do one thing for me in this game - just do me one thing - show me one respect and don't talk game talk to me - I know everyone wants me out and I'm ok with that. If you talk game to me I will yell your name outloud and please don't talk game to me - ok Danielle in this game there is one person I can put 100% trust in and when I won it was Memphis Garrett and I gave him 100% trust. When we met I thought that you and I had that you had it. I was wrong. I can't trust you, you broke your trust to me. In this game you are dead to me. You know what you did. So after this I don't want to talk to anyone about game. We can all hug it out we can be friends outside of the house, we can all hug it out but I don't want to talk game anymore.

Danielle breaks into tears "I don't know what you're talking about."

8:06 PM BBT

Danielle is inconsolable. Shane hugging her. Jenn and Shane don't know what it could be.

Dan talking to Frank upstairs. He is saying on his grandfathers wedding ring he will tell him the truth. "I told you one porcu - lie. You asked me if you had Daneille's vote and I told you yes. I lied. Dan telling Frank that there was a team of 5 people before he made a deal with Frank and Shane. He had to keep himself onside with both sides he was playing with. When the silent 6 was formed it was almost immediately axed to an alliance of 5.

Number 1 no matter what anyone tells you - if Britney had won the veto - shit was going to go down. Right after the veto Dan pulled them in and said he wasn't going to rat them out. What was going to happen had Britney won that veto she was going to take him down.

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8:11 PM BBT

Dan telling Frank about Ian. "So Ian was one of the 5" Frank says. Dan tells him exactly how Mike found out about Britney and what she said. Exactly what role Ian payed. "I swear on everything, you can see from my position, you can see why would I want to take an early shot against you. I just didn't feel like I could rat Ian out I didn't know if Mike was going to be evicted......I know Mike outside of this game. There was no way I could protect.... once britney heard about Mike I couldn't deflect it. I just wanted to put it, now that you know where Ian's at, you can use it, you don't have to put it out. You can use it. He is with them."

Downstairs Danielle STILL doesn't know what's going on. She doesn't know what she said. Jenn says she can smell a lie when she hears one. Ian says they didn't make sense. "Get off me camera" sobs Danielle. She is beyond comfort.

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8:16 PM BBT

Frank says that he suspected something about Ian. "Britney kept giving me this thing that she felt so bad for Ian because he was crying and everything but it was because he was guilty.....You've proven what I was started to think anyways. The way everyone was so onboard with voting Ash out...it was odd."

Danielle and Shane laying in the lounge. He's rubbing her back. She's quieted down.

"what did you think of Mike's reaction at the door when he went out? Didn't he say, "you can't trust this guy?" as he went out?" Dan asks Frank. "With everything that went down how could I have played it different? The place i was in, I took the heat for this kid, he had himself covered from every angle. I respect him for how he plyed the game. You got dipped in avacado, wearing a carrot suit and why? Because he knows how important it is to ge tme out of this game. "

Dan: Now you pretty much know everything, now you just have to maneouvre around this. I would be remiss if I didn't talk to you. I just had to tell you.

Frank: I could tell Ian was too, he just spent too much time with you and Britney...I knew that... ugh. Mike was just getting upset.

Dan: As tight as I am with Ian, he's tighter with Britney. I thought he was tighter with you but you didn't know.

Frank: I had my assumptions the whole him and britney thing was really starting to worry me.

8:22 PM BBT

Britney, Joe and Jenn in KT owndering what's going on upstairs. There is something going on. Joe saying Dan's goal was to out. (About the Speech)

Dan upstairs: what happens here though if I stay in this game. I go back to the alliance of four and try to work with you from there.

Frank: well what happened with Danielle anways, you don't have to tell me.

Dan: She was supposed to throw this. We talked about this. We agreed. If he was up against anybody, she would totally win it. Unless she was up against one of our alliance members. She was like...I was like.. I told her to throw it. Her chance of staying with him off the block was infinitely greater than if he stayed on the block. When she took that extra point, didn't throw it. He knew that Britney got in her ear somehow. If he stayed, he could get her to work with him again but he doesnt trust her.

Frank: I was going to try and get Ian to do that (use veto)

8:27 PM BBT

Downstairs Joe says that Dan is upstairs throwing them all under the bus. Somehow, someway.

Dan tells Frank if he gets to stay he would take Frank to the Final 2.

Frank: You'd take me to F2?

Dan: Absolutely, after she did that, I don't trust her. She can sit down there and cry a little bit but if there comes a time that I need her I can work with that. As much as I wanted her to be like him....well.. the problem for me was that... The reason I don't talk to Jenn or Ian about this because neither of them have the stones to make a big move. You - you do.

Frank - I'd talk to Jenn. Ian would just go run his mouth. If I went to jenn and said Jenn I want you to use the veto on Dan...

Dan: Do you think she might do it?

Frank Silence - I think she might do it.

Dan: You've got to watch her though she's tight with Danielle.

Frank: Britney put you in those girls heads. They talk about not being able to trust Joe.

8:30 PM BBT

Downstairs Britney goes to see Danielle. "What have you done or said to anyone? About Dan?"

Danielle: I dont know I was blindsided!!!!!

Jenn: This is the kind of game you have to play

Britney: It's ok, it's ok. It's ok Danielle

Danielle: Why would he do this to me?

Britney: Remember when I told you he wouldn't go through this, I told you he offered you 10 quarters and didn't give you one. There was something messed up then,

Danielle" Repeats what Dan said about her knowing what she did and I don't know.

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8:37 PM BBT

Dan: I know I'm the head of that alliance. I am going to be the first one to be cut. I didn't that thing lasting. I just knew the alliance wasn't going to last. I knew that I was going to have to save my ass.

Frank: I knew, I knew something when I asked Ian who he was going to put up and he said Joe and Jenn. He wants Joe up. He really dislikes Joe.

Dan: I Know, I know. Because before what I just told you Joe was the only person in the house that would put him up.

Frank: I didn't understand why he wouldn't have put up Joe and Danielle or Joe and Shane.

Dan: That's somewhere that I can help you too. I can say they shouldn't put up someone they can cut the week after as well.

Frank: They'll know something is up if Jenn uses the POV on you. You're going to have to scoop Danielle as far as you can.

Dan: Where does Joe fall?

Frank: We can't trust him. We have to get rid of him.

Dan: When do we cut him?

Frank: Final 3. I can beat him in every competition. SO can you.

8:43 PM BBT

"You know how much I love Dan." sobs Danielle

Brit: I know. I know. I knew he wouldn't go so peaceful. I told you Danielle, I told that. He was looking out for number one. He wants to be with people in this game who will give it to him. That's why he didn't give you any quarters to throw into the arcade and that's why he kept buzzing in to try and win POV. I thought it was weird that he went up to Frank and said, "I hope you win this game. You deserve it."

Danielle: He said that?

Brit: He sure did. Repeats it.

Danielle: I can't believe he would do this to me. Do all this and then go upstairs and read scripture. (She's still teary)

8:46 PM BBT

Frank tells Dan that Joe stayed up with him all night with the chum baths, he has some loyalty.

Joe comes upstairs. Frank tells him he needs more time. Joe says the house is crazy downstairs. Dan asks what? Joe says you dropped a bombshell then hid up here man. Danielle is in the back hyperventilating (Joe laughs a bit) They ask for another minute to work it out.

Joe goes downstairs and acts like he said things far more forcefully then he did. Danielle asks if he really said things just like that? Joe says absolutely.

8:51 PM BBT

Joe: He went all out, either with the most horrendous game play ever, or he's all out crazy.

He's talking about what Dan has done.

"I don't know what the heck is going on in this house." Joe says to Danielle as a way to try and comfort her.

"I love Dan" she sobs.

8:53 PM BBT

Britney and Ian talking in the arcade room. He asks why dan would do this. Britney expains that it's to save himself. To go out with a bang.

"Just please don't use it, no matter what happens." Britney begs Ian

"Oh I won't. It's over, it's so over." says Ian.

Shane, "I'm sorry Danielle. I trusted the Dude. I guess I shouldn't have."

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8:57 PM BBT

Frank doesn't want to drag Ian into a decision or talk about his POV. he doesn't want his to think about using it. He says he can try for a Jenn, Joe, Him and Dan Final 4 deal. Frank wants to get Ian and Britney on the block. Dan says he thinks they could get Shane to join them. "It really comes down to you working Jenn. I'm going to go downstairs and pull Danielle aside and tell her that it was all an act and that I had to find a way to try and save us both and I think I did." Dan continues, "I did this to her before when Kara went home I told her that she was on her own, she had to work her way out of this. I told her after that I wanted her to feel really alone because that's how you have to play this game. I can salvage things with Danielle so easy if you want to work with her."

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