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8/24 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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7:49 PM BBT

Dan and Ian having a good conversation about where they stand now. Dan tells Ian that he has had his back. He says if it ends up him and Shane and Dan thinks Ian isn't with him, he is going to go after Ian 100%. Ian saying that he will not blind side Frank. It's not cool. Ian says if he wins the veto, there's a 98% it won't get used because he had rocked the boat too much lately and he needs to atone.

7:52 PM BBT

Ian was telling us something about how something would be used. Take someone down - a supervisor coming on - Rachel coming out most likely. All 4 cams swing over to Britney and Frank.

Britney says tomorrow is going to be "who wants it more" veto and Ian can't play. Dan and Ian get a do not talk about production warning.

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8:01PM BBT - Brit can't wait to go back and see how sneaky Ashley was. Frank says he doesn't think she was that sneaky but in the past week her ability to play the game came out. She hadn't needed to play very hard before this past week because she wasn't a target.

8:04PM BBT - Brit thinks Joe is very "scheme-y".

8:05PM BBT - Ian doesn't know how bad Shane wants it. Still thinks tomorrow is going to be a "How Bad Do You Want It" comp. Could be one of the ones where it's like golf. Dan thinks if it's a How Bad Do You Want It, everyone will go far. Ian will be irritated because he can't play and he wants prizes. Ian says they haven't done that comp since season 12, and before that, season 7.

8:08PM BBT - Frank feels incredible guilt for Mike and Ashley going home. They went home because "y'all wanted me out" and they were closest to me. He asks Brit if she still wants him out. Brit says she wanted Boogie to leave and Frank is closest to Boogie. Brit says she felt like Ashley would come after her.

Ashley told Frank that Brit pulled her aside at one point and asked her about voting a girl out. Brit explains it was because she said that in front of Dani, Jenn and her in the AR. Frank says she didn't trust Jenn, Brit says Ash didn't tell her that till after.

Dan saying that if Shane or Brit don't win HOH, Ian doesn't have to put himself at risk for him. Ian says if he did use the veto, he would tell Frank, sorry bubba, I just don't want someone who isn't playing the game to win it. Ian also told Dan about Frank's threat to nom Brit if Ian uses veto.

8:14PM BBT - Dan thinks sometimes stuff is pre-determined. Not rigged, just out of their control. Ian says he is there for the title, he would give up $100k. Trivia.

8:19PM BBT - It's cooling down because Ian is in jeans. He is going inside to take a dump, Dan will be gone when he gets back so Ian can rock. Ian leaves, Dan says Quack Quack. Jenn, Dani and Joe in HT, general talk. Dan comes over and apologizes for interrupting. Dani does a shout out to her mom.

8:20PM BBT - Shane and Dan in SBR. Dan suggests having another Quack Pack meeting because if it's How Bad Do You Want It, they need to talk about it.

8:23PM BBT - Ian is pacing in the music bedroom. Heads into the HN room. Grabs something, back to the music bedroom. Muttering to himself, Funny shit that was. Comedy GOLD. Grabs his letter from home and paces to the KT and LR and back to the music bedroom.

Brit talking about Ian says he's worried about cursing at people, he gets nervous and figity. Brit says Shane will have his back. Frank says he put me up twice. Brit says he was always safe when Shane did that. Frank says not what I heard, we were always afraid your team would work with another team and dump us.

Frank says if Dan is gone, Ian won't have someone to talk him into stuff. Brit says no matter what he's safe with her for the next week. Frank says he'd like more than one week. I also have Shane, but he has a mind of his own. This week will make things pretty black and white. There's a big difference between Dan or Danielle going home.

Do you want to bring Dani in too? Brit says I trust her but... Frank says it only buys us 2 weeks, it will be 5-2. It's not that I trust Ian more, Brit says, he just looks out for me. I would never put you on the block, Frank says.

8:26PM BBT - Ian reads the letter, puts it back with his HOH pics. Dan called to DR, chats quickly with Ian on the way by.

You should want to work with me more, I'm more protection, Frank says. I want to work with you says Brit.

8:29PM BBT - Frank: I think he (Ian) forgets that I passed on 3 grand so he could have it. People forget I have been a nice guy in this game.

Ian heads to the BY, where the HG's are talking about Ted needing to go for a wax and manscaping.

Brit thinks Danielle will get Shane's vote because she (Brit) doesn't cuddle him at night. Frank doesn't want Shane to go up or go home. Frank will do some bad things, but he won't shave his head if she's not up on the block. Brit says she feels Frank is stressing for no reason.

Brit says if Dan wins POV, she doesn't believe for one second he'd use it on Dani. He'd use it on himself. If Dan pulls himself off, Frank will speak to Jenn about voting for Dani if he puts Joe up as a replacement nom. Otherwise, he will put Jenn up instead.

Frank is having an emotional aftershock after yesterday. He feels like he just got broken up with in a bad way. Brit feels like she's been beaten up, like she has had to claw her way to where she is right now. This season is hard, like everyone has clawed their way to where they are.

8:36PM BBT - Joe and Shane in SBR. They are so tired and they want to be awake during Showtime BBAD. Time for a nap, Joe tells Shane. Talk outside was getting very girly. Joe loves having his own bed. He tells Shane that Brit is still up in HOH and has been there for about 2 hours. She's working a deal, Joe says. Shane says that scares him. He wonders if Brit is using Frank's shower. Brit is definitely good at the social game, Joe comments.

8:38PM BBT - Brit was sad because it was her husband's birthday and her birthday and she wanted HOH so bad to get a picture and a letter. Frank said he could tell. Brit wonders how she made it to final four in her season. Final eight in this season seems so hard.

Joe mentioning Ian and Jenn driving him crazy; they are right back beside Frank. Shane agrees.

8:42PM BBT - Danielle and Dan in WA. He asks if she has seen Brit, Dani says she is still upstairs. "Scheming", Dan says. They talk about possible POV competitions. Brit joins them and Dan advises her that Ian will use the gold ball if Shane or Brit wins the veto. Dani said Shane won't shave his head, Brit says Frank won't either.

8:50PM BBT - Frank upstairs examining pimples in the mirror in HOH bathroom.

Dan winning veto won't help because Shane will be a replacement nominee. Shane or Brit has to win. Especially because Ian won't use the golden ball if Dan or Dani wins. Dan encourages Brit to continue working Frank; she's a pro.

Danielle going upstairs to talk to Frank. She won't kiss ass, but she will talk to him. Dan coaches her on what to say. He will go to the BY while she is upstairs. Brit making coffee in the KT. Dan tells Brit that he wants to have a QP meeting tonight.

8:53PM BBT - Dani asks if Frank is bored. He says yeah. She is way bored. Dani was coming to say hey. She felt lonely but didn't know if he did. Frank says he did. Frank says he trusted Ian and Ashley, but Ash is gone and Ian put him on the block. Boogie was his trusted ally and he is gone. Frank is mentally exhausted, emotionally exhausted. Dani says that was how she felt yesterday. That's why she had a breakdown, she couldn't take anymore.

Dan in BY with Jenn, general chit chat.

8:57PM BBT - Dani asks Frank is Dan goes and she stays and wins HOH, doesn't Frank think he could relax? Frank doesn't know how he pulled the HOH out last night, he can't believe it. He didn't want to come into the BB house and win a bunch of competitions. He only wanted to if he had to, which he has since almost week one. Dani tells him he shouldnt have worked out so hard in the beginning; the guys got jealous. Frank does think he could work with Dani if Dan was gone. It'd be a good option for both of them.

Frank doesn't hold Ash's eviction on any of them. He re-counts his conversation with Brit about the things Ash said and did. WBRB.

9:02PM BBT - Dani tells Frank about how catty Ash was, and the lies she told earlier in the game with Janelle and later in the game. Dani said when she voted her out, it was personal. Maybe strategic since she couldn't trust her, but personal too. She apologizes to Frank. Frank tells Dani how he feels guilty about Mike and Ash going home. [This feels like the same convo he had with Brit earlier -- BBLuver]

Brit has joined the BY crew and is in the HT. General chit chat. We are getting WBRB because of the stories they are telling about people they know.

9:06PM BBT - The changing the table made a huge difference. The house feels so empty now. Even looking at it on the spy cam is eerie. Dani says it's a good feeling to know that they made it to the little table. To jury too, Frank says.

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