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Angelo Joe

8/17 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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7:05pm BBT

(Be a Fly on the Wall of the Big Brother House with the Live Feeds. Yah, a fly that listens to the same music over and over and over....)

Still Trivia.

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7:28 PM BBT

Boogie and Mike up in HOH talking to Shane. "Why didn't you just talk to us today? We could have talked it out, we were just chilling thinking everything was ok?"

Frank saying how he tried to build as much trust as possible all week.

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7:11 PM BBT

Boogie is PO'd. "Britney is going to go back to her husband in Vermont, she doesn't give a fuck about you. This is your HOH rught, so you still have time to give it time and think about what's best for you."

Shane completely blaming everything on Brit. He says he trusts Boogie and Frank 100%. Boogie just wants to know if this is final or if it's all out disco war.

"Actions speak so much louder than words." says Mike "And all we did was show you actions of trust. Who are you going to work with after this? Joe?"

7:14 PM BBT

Danielle and Jenn chatting in lounge. They are worried because Mike/Frank took it so calmly, they know it's going to hit the fan.

Boogie and Frank working Shane hard. They have him saying that Brit must have gotten in his head. Shane says he's open to anything, he'll work with them. Mike says he'll leave it with Shane to think over, that he thinks Shane didn't think about it long enough. No offence but he knows it was Britney that made this decision.

7:14 PM BBT

"it was Britney, that's why Joe and Ashley were so surprised." Says Shane

"I was surprised." laughs Frank

Mike continues to tell Shane all the things he should be doing. Thinking about his own game, what this gives Britney: Shane can't play HOH next week. He gets one of them out this week then they get him out next week as revenge.

7:23 PM BBT

Britney goes into lounge with Jenn and Dani. "Did you look over and see Boogie's face. He was pissed. What does he think though, when you're in the house and no one in the house is sad for you.."

7:24 PM BBT

"This is so amazing, like a gift from heaven." Britney sighs to Jenn and Danielle.

"It's all water under the bridge, we're not going to cry over spilt milk." Boogie tells Shane. "You know what's going to happen, right?" Frank asks "We're going to try and take out Brit now." "One of us is going to win POV and if we get HGs choice, we're picking Ashely. It's rap city, let's figure out how to make this work." Boogie says.

7:28 PM BBT

"You know what she doesn't want to happen again? She doesn't want to Brigade to happen again. Know what happened last time there were 3 strong guys?" Mike says "They Bro'd Up!" all three of these fellows say at the same time and laugh.

"I'm open to anything, all it would have taken was one conversation, 20 minutes of my time. I'm so pissed at myself." Shane says.

Mike and Frank keep telling him they aren't pissed.

7:31 PM BBT

Brit and the girls have decided to call their band "Junk Punch Tuesday." That's how worried they are about what's happening upstairs.

Boogie starts back in about why he should be staying. Frank says that getting rid of the biggest target is why Jeff never won.

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7:38 PM BBT

"We're not mad dude so.... let's fix it!" friendly Mike says as they leave the HOH. Shane agrees not to talk to Brit about this agreement. They go downstairs.

HGs on IDL - Ian sitting on the LR couch with his legs crossed looking nervous. Brit runs upstairs.

Shane tells Brit that a lot of people were in his ear but that initially it was on his decision. He didn't totally blame it on her but he thought it would be easier if he sort of said it was her. "Uh huh." Brit says not looking impressed. He tells her that he said that he heard something from Joe.

Ian goes to talk to them. Mike says they aren't surprised, they knew this would happen, they just hoped it would happen later. Ian tells them he thinks it'll be ok, he's on their side. Frank and Boogie appreciate his support and want him to help make the replacement nom be Joe. Frank new he was in a bad mood for a reason today.

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Shane tells Brit that a lot of people were in his ear but that initially it was on his decision. He didn't totally blame it on her but he thought it would be easier if he sort of said it was her. "Uh huh." Brit says not looking impressed. He tells her that he said that he heard something from Joe.

Shane continues to dig a hole with Brit. "They said to put you up." That we can make it work.""They can't out me up! Even if you wanted to!" Brit points out.

Shane tells her how they aren't mad. "They aren't mad because they would have done the same thing to you!" Brit yells.

Brit now mad at Shane. "I'm a little upset that you said it was a little my fault. That totally makes me a huge target when all I was trying to do was help you."

"I only said it was you a little bit." Shane says "I was trying to help you then you threw me under the bus! I am now a huge target!" Brit says.

"I know why you did it, I totally understand, even if it hurts my feelings." Brit says "You had the blood on your hands."

Shane refers to having them in his HOH room as "The Boogie mist"

Brit tells Shane that Jenn asked her to be in an all girls alliance and she agreed. If an oddball like Jenn wins it she's safe anyways.

Shane keeps promising to go to Frank/Mike to tell them that it's "Game ON" all his idea.

Brit goes to Mike and Frank to talk to them. "WHo do you think you are talking to sweetheart?" Boogie says

"One, maybe two of us are staying this week. So you can stop using him as your puppet." Boogie says

Brit says she was only a part of the group that wanted them gone. "So what you're saying is that you didn't put that in his head? You didn't orchestrate that?" Mike says

7:59 PM BBT

Danielle and shane debriefing up in HOH while Britney is attacked on all sides by Frank and Boogie. "He didn't want to put me up on the block as a replacement nominee but you convinced him to. I nearly went home 2 weeks ago because of you!" yells Frank

"My power in this house is seriously overrated!" yells Britney back.

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8:05PM BBT: Britney says I am upset right now that Shane threw me under the bus with this. Boogie says if you are upset with Shane you should go talk to him.

8:06PM BBT: Frank says I feel like and Boogie interupts sayinmg we are big boys and we are on the block Frank says a couple of words get said and we are on the block and we are upset.

8:09PM BBT: Frank says we are on the block and if we stay up and one of us goes home the other is coming after you all. we are playing a clean game and I am sorry I have to say all this but my back is against the wall and I am going to tell the truth and none of that came out of our mouths.Boogier says look what he did he won the PoV and the HoH and look what he did. we are a little extra heated because we are on the block right now.

8:11PM BBT: :Frank says it doesn't matter who we sent home last week we are still on the block. meanwhile dinner is underway at the dt.

8:13PM BBT: Boogie says we can hope that Shane will change his mind but we will see. Britney says did you tell Shane that if you came off to put me up. Boogie says yeah I mentioned it sure. and we reminded him whern your at the bank in oaklahoma this will all be a memory.

8:15PM BBT: Britney says well you do know if you win and come off then I can't be nominated. Boogie and Frank laugh and say I forgot about that. Boogie says it is what it is you mf's are a threat and I aint going to be pissed on and told it is raining. Frank says and here is the thing Shane doesn't know about Boogies season so someone is telling him.

8:16PM BBT: Boogie says I hate to be a broken record but until someone knows what they are speaking about needs to keep their mouths shut.

8:19PM BBT: Britney says I didn't win HoH and I didn't put anyone up but I am taking the heat for this. Boogie says we really aren't that mad but you say you have no influence and you do. Britney says I didn't say I don't have any influence but I didn't tell him what to do.

8:21PM BBT: Britney says I am upset that Shane threw me under the bus and blamed me. Boogie says in Shane's defense he took some of the blame he did . he didn't put it all on you. Britney says I am not the only one to influence Shane there are other people in his ear and if he says I am the only one in his ear that that's what you believe and I am not going to go down for this I won't take the heat for something I didn't do.

8:23PM BBT: Boogie says when it comes time to deal with Dan do you want to do it with us or with them?

8:25PM BBT: Boogie says I know now why we need to get this guy out( meaning Dan) Frank says I tried to tell you last week. Boogie said you did you did and I see that now. Britney says I look at Dan everyday and say yeah I know why you won your season now.

8:28PM BBT: Britney says I feel like the check is already made and there are three options and Frank is one of them Frank says really why? she says because I always thought that she points at Frank and says this guy has nine lives.

8:29PM BBT: Britney says well thank you and I always expected you to be mean Boogie says it's just a game you have to expect to be nominated she says no from day one.

8:33PM BBT: Boogie says lets go have a turkey burger and they hug then Britney leaves and Boogie and Frank talk saying it's him I should have known it was him. Frank says I want to be an asshole to him but then again I don't want to. Frank says Shane doesn't like confrontation I don't think , Boogie says I don't think so either but now she knows we know. and I don't think I can be fake with this guy.

8:34PM BBT: now that we know he is working with Shane, Britney Danielle I want to yell but I can't. Boogie says lets go eat and go to bed early. Frank says I think we can swing the votes if we want to.

8:38PM BBT: Britney in arcade room talking to Danielle telling her that she got blamed because Shane told them I told him to do it and I aint talking to him any more I didn't come here and leave my hubby for him to throw me under the bus and I didn't put the keys in the box I won't speak to him anymore why do I keep protecting him when he throws me under the bus I aint going to get evicted because Shane can't stand the heat and he can't evict me this week so I am done with it.

8:41PM BBT: :Britney says thank you Shane I left my hubby and quit my job for what for Shane to throw me under the bus. I don't care anymore I will tell you that he did this not once but twice.

8:46PM BBT: Danielle says why would they say all that Shane is a grown ass man. Britney says they don't think so, they was telling me things that they should be telling to Shane. I am so pissed off right now Danielle that I can't even see straight.

8:47PM BBT: Dan now joins Britney and Danielle he asked why you mad at me Britney says I aint mad at you I am just really pissed off right now

8:48PM BBT: Shane and Britney in arcade room she says Shane I left my hubby and my job to play this game you threw me under the bus and I just got a verbal beat down in there Shane says I came to help you and you yelled at me and made me leave.

8:51PM BBT: Britney says Shane we have been together it was me and you if I had to throw anyone under a bus it wouldn't have been you do you think I told you to do that. Shane says you influenced me but I didn't throw you under the bus and I want you to know that I am taking what you did 100% all on me he says no you aren't she says yeas I am I didn't mean to throw you under the bus

8:53PM BBT: Britney says I want you to know you hurt my feelings and I don't want to talk to you. Britney says I just want you to realize what you did. Shane says I didn't mean to throw you under the bus at all. Britney says I just wanted you to know that I am taking 100% of the heat from this.

8:54PM BBT: Shane says why do I always have to get my hands dirty. Britney says Shane did I tell you to get your hands dirty did i? Shane says no.

8:56PM BBT: Britney says the bottom line is I would have never done that to you I would have protected you. Shane said I wouldn't have done it to you either and all of this is my fault. Britney says well I am the mastermind that sits in the HoH room and calls all the shots I tell you everything to do.

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