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Haley Reinhart

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I kind of thought it was you, Fatcat, that called her out early-on for her 'tude, but I didn't want to say without being really sure. You were right, in my opinion. P.S. I also thought it was kind of weird for her dad hanging around.

And ya know ?? I didn't not like her singing, but really she was cocky early on to me, and when they announced Lauren alaina for the final 2 I could see she was like shocked, she really thought she had it, the cynic in me had to have an evil chuckle at that moment cause I like UPV thought she would have been long gone. I get the feeling that Daddy has aspirations of his own and I wouldn't be surprised if he somehow either records with her, or something. Him playing with her on that one song was purely for votes, Haley tried very hard to act humble but I really feel like I saw thru her, I wish her well, but she needs a nice slice of humble pie.

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