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Celebrities and The Law

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Arrest News

'Transformers' Star Shia LaBeouf Arrested

by Stephen M. Silverman


Shia LaBeouf's mug shot

"Transformers" star Shia LaBeouf, formerly of Disney's hit tween show, "Even Stevens," was arrested in a Chicago drug store early Sunday morning in Chicago after a night at the Chi-Town hotspot, The Underground, reports CBS News. LeBeouf was cited on a misdemeanor count of trespassing for refusing to leave the store after numerous requests to vacate the premises.

A security guard in a downtown Chicago Walgreens repeatedly told LaBeouf that he was to leave the store because he appeared intoxicated, say police. When the young actor refused, the guard alerted police. The arrest occurred at around 2:30 a.m. Following his arrest, LaBeouf was described by authorities as "very courteous and polite" to the arresting officers.

Bond was posted for the 21-year-old actor before 7 a.m., police said. Police did not give LeBeouf a sobriety test since he was not behind the wheel of a car. Next year, LaBeouf will appear in "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull."


Shia LeBeouf on the set of 'Indiana Jones 4'

LeBeouf is the second teen Disney phenom to notch a mug shot under their belt, dutifully following in the footsteps of the pioneer Disney bad girl -- Lindsay Lohan. Like the recovering Lohan, LeBeouf is one of the most acclaimed young actors in Hollywood.

I doubt the arrest will hurt his career too much since this is his first run-in with the fuzz. All he needs to do is keep the partying under control and stay away from shopping at late night pharmacies. LaBeouf, star of the upcoming fourth installment of the "Indiana Jones" series, is scheduled to be in court on November 28.

After growing up watching Disney tween shows like "Bug Juice," "Flash Forward" and "Even Stevens," it's a bit hard for me to come to terms with the fact that Louis Stevens was arrested. I guess stars have to shed their squeaky clean mouse ears image sometime.

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This just in:

'CSI' co-star Gary Dourdan arrested for drugs


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i just read this online and i was VERY disappointed in warrick!! c'mon dude! i defended you on CSI when they made you a druggie!

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Boy band mogul Pearlman sentenced to 25 years

By Barbara Liston


Wednesday, May 21, 2008; 12:31 PM

ORLANDO, Florida (Reuters) - Boy band mogul Lou Pearlman, who launched Backstreet Boys and 'N Sync, was sentenced to 25 years in prison on Wednesday for swindling investors and major U.S. banks out of more than $300 million.

But U.S. District Judge G. Kendall Sharp gave Pearlman the chance to cut his prison time by offering a one-month reprieve for every $1 million in cash he helps a bankruptcy trustee recover for his victims.

Theoretically, Pearlman could cancel his entire 300-month sentence by repaying the $300 million debt.

His lawyer, Fletcher Peacock, said in a written plea that 25 years amounted to a "sentence to death in prison" for the 53-year-old impresario who lived a jet-set life of mansions and luxury cars before the fraud scheme collapsed.

In an audacious two-decade scam, Pearlman admitted in his plea agreement to enticing individuals and banks to invest millions of dollars in two companies which existed only on paper -- Transcontinental Airlines Travel Services Inc and Transcontinental Airlines Inc.

He won investors' confidence with fake financial statements created by a fictitious accounting firm.

During sentencing, Sharp held up a book with letters from Pearlman's victims, saying they included "his family, his close friends and people in their 70s and 80s who have lost their life savings."

"So the sympathy factor doesn't run high with the court," the judge said.

Pearlman pleaded guilty in March to four counts: two of conspiracy involving bank and investor fraud, one of money laundering and one of making false claims in a bankruptcy.

Sharp noted Pearlman's cooperation with the trustee to date had resulted only in the seizure of his mansion, cars including a Rolls Royce and other assets. Those recovered assets will not count toward the incentive plan to cut his sentence.


Sharp scheduled a hearing for the third week in July to determine the exact amount of restitution owed to victims, which is still being calculated.

He called the banks "negligent" for lending millions of dollars to fake companies without asking the obvious question: "Why there weren't any Transcontinental planes flying around?"

The judge said he was concerned about small investors like Juanita Reynolds of St. Petersburg Beach, Florida, who cried while telling of her nearly 90-year-old husband's reaction to the swindle.

"Tears ran down his face and he said he'd lost all his self-confidence and he died seven months later," she said.

Other victims expressed anger at state regulators who ignored red flags about the scheme and at their need to work through what was supposed to be their retirement years.

When Pearlman comes out of prison, "he should be turned over to us," said investor James Taylor.

Pearlman unsuccessfully sought a delay in his sentencing to allow time to launch his latest creation, European pop band US 5, in the United States and Asia.

In court documents, he argued he was developing US 5 at the time of his arrest and said the bankruptcy trustee for his companies agreed he had potential to earn "significant profits" on the band that could be used to pay restitution.

Outside the court, trustee Soneet Kapila said he had hired a music business consultant to help him evaluate the US 5 prospects and that he would be meeting with Pearlman to hear "whatever ideas he may have to utilize."

"I think the only fair thing to say is we need to explore that potential," Kapila said.

(Editing by Jim Loney and John O'Callaghan)

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From E! Entertainment Online

Heather Locklear Arrested After "Concerned Citizen" Calls CHP

Sun., Sep. 28, 2008 7:41 PM PDT


Sun., Sep. 28, 2008 7:41 PM PDT

Santa Barbara County Former Melrose Place cougar Heather Locklear picked the wrong place for a meltdown this weekend.

The small-screen star was arrested around 5 p.m. Saturday after California Highway Patrol officers found her parked car blocking traffic in Montecito, Calif., a tony enclave near Santa Barbara.

According to the incident report, a "concerned citizen" called police after witnessing Locklear, 47, "driving forwards and backwards over a pair of sunglasses and revving her engine" in a parking lot.

The witness then came upon Locklear again on the road.

"The citizen became concerned when Ms. Locklear exited her vehicle and stumbled into the traffic lane...the citizen called 911 and reported the entire incident to CHP Ventura Dispatch."

When officers arrived Locklear appeared disoriented, per the report, and after giving her a sobriety test they determined she was not suffering the side effects of a booze binge.

"Although obvious impairment was exhibited during the tests, alcohol was ruled out as a factor," the CHP said in a statement. Locklear was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence and taken to the Santa Barbara CHP office.

"She was evaluated by a drug recognition expert, who concluded Ms. Locklear was under the influence of a controlled substance, and could not safely operate a motor vehicle," CHP said in a statement.

Locklear's publicist declined to comment on the arrest.

The former Spin City fixture was booked at the Santa Barbara County Jail. She was released at 11 p.m. Saturday on $5,000 bail.

In June, Locklear checked into a rehab center in Arizona for anxiety and depression. She returned home after one month at the Sierra Tucson treatment facilty

(Originally posted September 28, 2008, at 10:45 a.m. PT.)

by Jovie Baclayon and Whitney English

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I wubs Heather!!! What kind of person would narc on her??

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Sounds to me like she might have a problem with the meds they are giving her for her mental issues. Not saying she is abusing them (although she could be) but maybe just having a reaction to the drugs or a combo of drugs. It happens.

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I was thinking the same thing sugarb... it takes time to regulate those things.

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California has very strict DUI laws......you can get a DUI for taking over the counter drugs if the law enforcement official think you are impaired. Allergy meds can get you a DUI if you have them in your system. There has been many cases of people losing there drivers license for having prescription drugs in their system.

I'm very careful and if my hubby takes any of his pain meds.....he doesn't dare get behind the wheel of a car at all.

I hope Heather Locklear gets the help she needs.....sounds like she has some serious problems right now.


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Crime and Punishment

'Runway' Finalist Faces Assault Charges


'Project Runway' Finalist Kenley Collins with fiance

Zak Penley at Fashion Week in February

NEW YORK CITY, New York -- "Kenley Collins was arrested today after assaulting her fiance with their cat," authorities reported about the "Project Runway" finalist. After throwing the feline, a laptop computer and three apples at her fiance, Zak Penley, the young designer was charged with assault and criminal possession of a weapon.

"It was a miscommunication," Collins, 26, told The Post after getting released without bail from Brooklyn Supreme Court the morning of Tuesday, March 17. "Fights happen, And that's that. There is no case," the "Project Runway" contestant explained.

According to law enforcement sources, an enraged Collins woke Penley up just after 7 a.m. by hurling their cat in his face. Then she threw her laptop, and as he fell crawled on the floor, slammed a door on his head. She threw three apples, and doused him with water, before he was able to dial 911.

"You're lucky, it could have been worse," Collins told Penley after the blow, according to sources. Collins and Penley, an artist and musician who penned a song called "CAT?" for her "Project Runway" finale, were to be married in October.

Neighbors said the couple had been fighting for weeks. "Lately there has been a lot of yelling," neighbor Ken Edge, 31, said. "I can hear Kenley much louder than I can hear Zak. When she speaks, she yells. Since she moved in around September there have been a lot of noise problems."

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Stupidity is contagious.....



Big Brother winner Adam Jasinski charged with dealing drugs

Charged With Dealing Oxycodone

Updated: Monday, 19 Oct 2009, 5:27 PM EDT

Published : Monday, 19 Oct 2009, 5:27 PM EDT

Mike Beaudet

FOX Undercover producers Jonathan Wells and Kevin Rothstein

A reality television show star is in trouble with the law in Massachusetts, charged with flying to the Bay State to sell oxycodone pills.

Adam Jasinski, last year

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